Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[DL] w-inds. in Happy Music 2012.02.24

Anyone watched this on KeyHole or YouTube? :D

They were all fun and cute as always, especially Ryohei. Talking about the live performance, Keita's voice was not in its full potential... probably due to his bronchitis which has lasted since 2009. Some fans were seriously worried after the show was broadcasted; all of us know how hermetic their schedule is and Keita is the type who gonna do his work till the end even if he has 1 or 2 days sleepless. They were starting national handshake event for FLY HIGH promotion around that time and it's obvious he would be very busy. Sadly, all we could do is just worrying and hoping and wishing. This is really depressed.

Sorry if I kill the mood with my wordy opening as always, well just enjoy the show :P the dance was amazing anyway, they have recruited very good new dancers! Totally love how they sync with each other



Talk + FLY HIGH (live):


Credit to Milice@jpopsuki
Cut and uploaded by me.

Please don't share the file without my permission and proper credit.
If you are willing to share just comment with a link to where you want to post them. I'm not gonna bite, ya know >:)

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