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w-inds. in TGC Shanghai 2012

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Long time no see neh (・ω・)/

Today I gonna make a post about w-inds. appearance in Tokyo Girl Collection in Shanghai. The event was held last Saturday in Shanghai, China.

As some of you may know, w-inds. also attended in this fashion event in Japan last year (who can forget how awkward Keita was playing around with the models in the catwalk XD we used to making fun of it, pooooor Keita). This year a sister event was held in Shanghai, and w-inds. with their reputation for being friendship ambassador between Japan and China, was invited as a special gues performer.

There were some unexpected accidents happened through their staying in China, and I believe it did affect the mood quite a bit, however the boy gave everyone there a great performance, being the hightlight of the night, received the loudest cheer while werked up the whole arena!! I can't express how proud of them the Chinese fans are, as well as my feeling.

So let's just call it a success!

Now, enjoy the photos, vids and some very good-quality fancams below ;) feel free to spread them, just DON'T CREDIT THEM TO ME. None of them are mine; credit should be found in the photos or in descriptions of the videos.

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2012.03.23: w-inds. arrived at the airport (Pudong or Honggiao, I don't know which one):

A huge crowd was waiting for them there, of course :P

The next day, they had rehearsal, some interviews, attended a variety show and performed in TGC:

PPTV Interview:

The whole interview (starting at 0:30):

In a Chinese variety show (well they did many interesting things... I'm looking forward to the show to be upload XD)

About 20:15 (Shanghai time) in the evening, w-inds. arrived at the TGC venue and did a backstage interview:

Well this is probably the most entertaining part in the interview. Keita tried to pull up Ryohei's tshirt near the crotch and Ryuichi said "Sexy Zone desu ne!!" and Keita slapped his ass. Flawless.

Watch it here: (and yeah, ignore the awkwardness... it's not w-inds. fault. Poor boys)

This is how the venue looked like (really pretty neh)

and... w-inds. appeared on the stage!! :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:


ahhh you are finally here, FANCAMS ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ these are really good, the quality of both picture and sound are good enough \(・∀・)/

 and you know, this is the most fun thing: Ryohei made his way to the headlines on Sohu website next to other female models in the show ( ̄▽+ ̄*) I find this pretty amusing, and is it just me or he is the one standing out the most? And I'm not even biased here, lol.

And yeah, 2 days went fast. They came back to Japan the next day:

Keita waved good-bye to fans:

And this photo is interesting... Keita the tallest in the center, Ryohei and Ryuichi stayed closely behind, guards all around them (I even wonder how they moved... lol. Is this the "cage tactic" KT mentioned before? XD). Let me steal a report translated by my friend ZhiJun: "KT the tallest, guards reaching his shoulders, fans reaching the guards shoulders, like a 3-tier cake. The fan standing in the airport said it looked just like Howl's moving castle, edging slowly towards her. All along KT's only visible head had this smug grin ( ̄ー ̄) ...whereas Ryo Ryu were hidden safely behind him." So amusing, I LOL'd so hard after being told about it XDD

So... it ended here. Keita posted a very cute picture after coming back to Japan:

at Shanghai!!


To end this report, I want to quote some word a fan who came to see them in TGC shared with us on w-inds. worldwide:
Whenever the presenters annouced us, "Let's enjoy the next performance!", I could hear lots of people shouting "w-inds.! w-inds.!" Everyone was so excited & enthusiastic to see them. I was so into their music & forgot to scream their names out!


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