Thursday, April 19, 2012

Daichi Miura's new single

...Have I ever blogged about Daichi? XD

For people who don't know him, Daichi Miura (三浦大知) is an extremely talented yet extrememly underrated Japanese singer. He is under management of the same company with w-inds., and has been working in the industry for 15 years (only 8 years as a solo artist tho) and he's even younger than Ryuichi and Keita!

Daichi has a very special and beautiful voice and pretty flawless dance skill - to some extent, even I thought he was better than w-inds. As a 9-year-old kid he was called "Japan's Smallest Soulman" thanks to his vocal ability.

I was introduced to Daichi Miura by some w-inds. fans, and was totally impressed. So check him out, okay? :D

His new single "Two Heart" will be on sale this May - a full PV is released today and it's so beautiful that I want to show y'all!

I might upload the full PV in HQ later, if I have time and avex doesn't detect it fast. LOL

Have a nice day!


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