Saturday, May 5, 2012

A little confession


It's not something big.

Just something I realized yesterday. That I'm really truly madly deeply in love with Keita's solo album, "声".

I will admit that from the beginning, I wasn't very fond of Koe. The sharpness in its music... I didn't like it. That's absolutely not the type of sound which could catch me at the first time listening.

However, I gave it another chance, because that was Keita. Just to find myself falling in love with 時代 (Jidai) later. The song itself holds so much conflict emotions that makes my heart squeal everytime I listen to it; until now, I still cry a bit when I watch Keita perform 時代 in Premium Live.

And for many reasons, I just come back to this album once in a while, sometimes very randomly when I hit the key "T" in iTunes and it jumped to "声". Some songs appealed for me more, like "時代" and "キミノコエ", or was pretty pleasant to listen to such as "ひだまりの花" while others didn't really leave any impression. Then yesterday, for the first time, I said to myself "Oh God. I really totally enjoy every song of it now".

Does it happen sometimes? That you something didn't like at first, then gradually or slowly, your feeling grows. I just didn't expect it to happen in music, especially didn't think it would take me so long. 5 years.

Or is it because Keita wrote these songs when he was 21 that I couldn't fully understand them until now, when I'm reaching my 20th birthday with so many confusions in my future? So it's not 5 years ago or in another 5-years time that words of him finally touches the innermost place of mine.

That's really ironic.


By the way, I looked for a place to download this album for everyone, but all the links I found are already dead. So here is a download link of mine if you are lacking this album in your collection. Please give Keita's "inner voice" (声) a chance - maybe someday you will come to love it as I do.

Removed links. Read more here.

Have a nice weekend ^_^


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