Tuesday, June 12, 2012

CMs and teaser of MOVE LIKE THIS - "Listen to the Rain" PV


They showed the new PV of leading song, "Listen to the Rain" in last 2 FCLT lives in Tokyo. My friends went to both of them and.... looooool you should be there when Akuta told us about how it was XDDD

Save that for the full PV when it out, okay. Here are some live record, CM and teaser that we got now:


The PV tells a sad love story, and yeah there will FINALLY be romantic scenes lmao. I hope it will be broadcasted in 2 weeks!

Also, Akuta (a.k.a w-inds. worldwide Japanese staff) also told us about a hint of "w-inds.' plan/ambition to go international" that is absolutely EXCITING:

そういえば…They've made a cool short video to play just before the PV of Listen To The Rain started. It put together a bunch of their recent PVs (Addicted To Love, New World, Be As One, LGIO, Fly High) w/ a phrase which was "AFTER A DECADE/ _______(how could I miss this part even I saw it twice? orz) / BECAUSE/ WE "MOVE LIKE THIS", then there was a CG image of Japan island, and a bunch of lines of light shot off from seemingly Tokyo, and they scattered, some of them landed on some certain places in Asia, others drew an arc toward Australia and beyond the Pacific Ocean, and I almost fell off the chair because it seriously seemed that they were to make an announcement of the world tour. But then it just showed a globe and the title of "w-inds. 'MOVE LIKE THIS' 2012.7.4 RELEASE" came up..
Maybe not the world tour, but I hope at least they will release it on iTunes or something.. if not, that whole CG story could be said as almost a false statement. (^_^;;

 Of course it's not a world tour, and there are a lot of works to do before they can even think of a world tour to other continents, but at least that shows us that w-inds. is working hard and seriously aiming for the world market. I myself fully believe that they have the potential to do it, unfortunately they just lack of  necessary resources. AND PLEASE CHANGE YOUR LABEL FIRST because PC sucks. (̿▀̿ ̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)̄

Let's support the flawless cus with all our might !!! :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:


And a special treat for you all:

The first person who leave comment here with a YouTube account will get the chance to listen to a full record of "Listen to the Rain". Keita is gonna melt you with his voice!! ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

DISCLAIMER: I have full right to check your channel/account information and decide if I want to give you the access permit or not.


Nash Nordin said...

Oh! I'm going to give my full support if they ever going to do a world tour! I love W-inds!

Usagi Tsukino said...

@Nash Nordin If they are touring in Thailand would you come? :D
btw you are the first commenter so leave your YouTube ID here if you want the song ^^

SkuldFuture said...

I'm not good for english but I'm the second person who post comment.

By the way I still want to listen Listen to the rain full record.

So Please !!! Can you give me a chance to listen this T_T

I like w-inds. so much and waiting to listen this song all the time.

My Youtube account : SkuldFuture

Thank you ^^

Usagi Tsukino said...

@SkuldFuture Hi SkuldFuture, I cannot find your channel so could you send me the link to your profile? As I said, I would check the profile before deciding if I wanted to share it or not. Thank you ^^

SkuldFuture said...

This is the link :

My account registered since 2006 but I'm quite not login to youtube
when I watch video. So if you see my profile that don't have anything much, do not surprise ^^

Usagi Tsukino said...

@SkuldFuture okay, you passed. An invitation will be sent to your inbox tomorrow. Enjoy! ;)

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