Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Recently I have been bugging by something.

When this blog was started, I had no intention in mind to make it "a sharing place". Just naturally, when I took the first step as a constributor almost one year and a half ago with Hikki's second best single collection, it was posted here, in my blog, my only private place.

But it's no longer a private warehouse anymore.

Just yesterday, it totally thrills me that some of the files I shared here have reached more than 500 views. Of course I'm happy to help the worldwide fans out there, but at the same time it hits me that I haven been ripping off the hard work of these artists and contribute it to the whole world, ALL FREE. While I don't have that right, and what I have been doing here is obviously wrong. I'm torn between the will to help fans with no mean to reach out to their excellent works due to many reasons and the essential factor in the industry, sale number.

That was when something popped up.

Is this really that everyone who gets stuff off this blog of mine HAS NO MEAN to support the artists? Of course there're people who decided to buy after getting a preview here; and that definitely makes me happy. But I'm pretty sure there are also many who have never had the idea in mind to support them (both economically and spiritually - tell me you have ever joined the latest project I talked about here? It costs you no single penny).

On top of that. From the first place this blog has never been a private site. It's too public. I have no control over who visits, reads my blog, and gets things. A disadvantage of Blogger huh....

That's why I have started seeking for a resolution - I'm moving the "sharing purpose" that my blog has been carrying to a new place, and return this cramped place back to what it used to be.

Furthur information will be updated later.


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