Saturday, July 7, 2012


Made this vid the other day to give everyone a short preview of this new album: (CONTAIN SPOILERS)

My favorite tracks are T2P, MAKE IT ROCK, 黄昏One Way (especially this song) and Touch The Sky. I find Superstar really weird at first.... but this song is growing on me, I think. SAY YES is another good track, I only have a small problem with the lyrics...(; ̄O ̄)

Overall this new album is A+ choice for anyone who wants to hold a party at home! My body cannot stop moving along with the music, which is a really embarrassing experience in public haha.

On the first day released, MOVE LIKE THIS topped Daily Oricon Chart ( Even though I'm not very confident that they can be #1 in weekly chart too (it dropped to #5 the next day), this is still an exciting news for both w-inds. and their fans!!

So everyone, go and buy now! lol.


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