Friday, August 3, 2012

Let's be honest

I can "feel" KNUX's version of "You & I" more than w-inds.'

You know it? This version - more like a demo -  was released in a DJ mix album about half a year before w-inds. bought the song and made it a single. To be very very honest, You & I has never been my favorite song. It's surely is nice and well-done... but lacks of something to make me jam to it like their other songs. So yeah, usually I don't feel anything special about the song.

...but earlier today, suddenly I found myself totally enjoying this song, performed by KNUX while putting my iTunes library on shuffle. That made me shocked, and... I feel like I betrayed w-inds.

That's so stupid lol. But hey, this is my blog, so I have the right to be as stupid as I want okay? actually going to rant about this with a person but I shouldn't bother her with my trashy whinning anymore.

What a nice day is coming.

And w-inds., I still love you no matter what.


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