Thursday, October 18, 2012

An old story about how I met the Cus (p2)

part 1:


2011.11.08 (cont.)

So the van was there. Other fans tried to get the boys attention, showing signs, uchiwas etc they have prepared. It was raining in Hanoi that day, the sky was all gray and dark; there was no light inside the van and we couldn't see w-inds. clearly, but everyone was so excited - they smiled, laughed, called out their names, made heart pose with their fingers. I tried to find Ryuichi in the van, finally had time to look at them properly: Ryohei was wearing a black tshirt and a white shirt, with facial mask, while Ryuichi had a checked shirt on and Keita wore a purple and pink jacket - it looked really good on him. And suddenly I bursted into tears.

I didn't know how exactly it happened - probably an outbreak of too many emotions that I'd been enduring. The excitement of seeing them in real life, the shock from being refused, the sorrow from not seeing Ryohei before he got into the van, the desire wanting to touch Ryuichi's hand again - just ONCE again, and the regret that I didn't successfully get their autographs - what a terrible mix. You have seen Taiwanese of Hong Kong girls cry upon seeing w-inds.? It didn't happen here. All other girls looks super duper happy; I was the only one crying. Hard. I swear my face must have looked really messed-up when Ryuichi saw me from behind the glasses. I wanted to disappeared from the earth, damn; but there was no way to stop my tears.

At the same time, w-inds. was bored sitting inside so they started interacting with fans, waving and did some signs which, I'm sorry, we didn't understand at all. Keita smiled a lot They looked like having fun together ^^

And to our surprise; the van door slid open. A man appearred, said something to a Vietnamese staff, then that staff told us w-inds. would give autograph so he needed to collect our things. Everyone was utterly excited, sending in CDs, magazines, photobooks, notebooks, cardboards, or even the forum's uniform tshirt... which my RyuTube was in. Several minutes passed; from outside we could see the boys pass the books, show each other different things and laugh; it was such a wonderful and pleasant view.

In the middle Ryohei got bored again and decided to do something else:

After getting back our signed goods, we stayed there until the van left. Supposed they were going to the hotel where a conference would be held, I and several other girls got on a taxi we reserved and followed w-inds.' van. It was 3PM. However, on the way back to the city, Hai (or lonely cookie) called another girl who was waiting at the Hilton Hotel, and she said many fans (of other artists too) were waiting there; the hotel guards were really strict and almost no way to get in. Being tired after a long day, we decided to split and come home.

The concert was next day and I still had no idea how to get a ticket, sadly.

-to be continued-


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