Sunday, October 28, 2012

You love w-inds.? Join us, because we love you and need you too! ♥

As said in a previous post, we at w-inds.worldwide are carrying out a collaboration video project with musicJAPANplus ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ. The video will be delivered directly and handed personally to w-inds. thanks to a generous offer by Yuki-san, MJP's chief-editor so don't miss this chance!

The voting has come to a close (and SAY YES wasn't chosen...) - Endless Moment will be the song used in this project!! (and I love it as much as SAY YES so that's it, lol). Everyone who chipped in even just 1 vote, thank you very much ( ´艸`)

Now we need your real participation. Please read about the detail here (also available in languages: 中文, Tiếng Việt, Español, ภาษาไทย, Deutsch, Nederlands and Indonesian).
It's a SUPER easy task, and look, you have a whole month to prepare! Call your friends and find a nice place in your town or just in your room, with either a proper camcorder, camera or phone (please make sure we can hear you clearly), 5 minutes of spare time... and then your are done! Imagine how w-inds. will feel if they see a girl/boy from Thailand, Italy or the US singing Endless Moment in a language they can't even understand (oh they do understand English tho..)! They have been working hard all these years for our entertaining, and it's now our turn to pay back and encourage them to keep on the road they have chosen!

Don't forget the deadline for registering to OCTOBER 30TH. Send your email to now!
Keep in mind that if you and other fans are going to record altogether, only one person should send email to us.

Can you make endless moment
to step,
to shine,
to love...?

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