Friday, March 22, 2013

New music (sort of)

These days I'm talking myself back to jazzy and unplugged music. I have discovered some great Japanese and Korean artists/albums so far, and I'm eager to share them. They are definitely not new (dated back in 2009-10), but I have just learned about them recently.

This single "萌 JAZZ" (read: Moe Jazz) released by an artist under the same name is currently my number 1 jam. Moe-y, squeaky vocal and jazzy music can make an addictive cocktail. Trust me.

A long time ago (probably 2011) Agnes showed me this really nice Korean indie duo named "No Reply". Their music is soft and mellow and I love it. I kinda forgot about them later, but just recently Agnes sent me a video of an acoustic performance by No Reply which is so good. They are definitely different from what's everywhere in Korea right now, so give them a chance.
My recommendation: they have released only 2 albums so far and both are good, though I prefer the 2nd album "Dream".

The other day an old friend of mine posted this video on his Facebook. I was interested because it's unplugged.. and I wasn't disappointed.

It belongs to album "Unplugged" by another Korean duo "Acoustic Collabo" (어쿠스틱 콜라보). Other tracks I like from this album: Prologue, Waiting For U, My Foolish Heart, Ocean, Sweet Love (Jazz Ver.). Now I know what is going to be looped in my iPod during the flight to Japan ♡

Finally, I'm listening to JUJU's "DELICIOUS". This cover album seems to be very promising... I'm not very fond of her other cover, "Request", and I blame it on the song choice -  even though JUJU tried to add very soft jazz element into the new arrangement, they don't sound as good as expected and some song don't fit her voice, or she just sings it the same way as original. My very few satisfied tracks are WHITE LOVE (SPEED) and WILL (中島美嘉), especially the arrangement of WHITE LOVE. Therefore, I really hope that DELICIOUS will be a better listen (at least I love the tracklist). Things cannot go wrong with Quizas, Quizas, Quizas or Calling You, isn't it? (`・ω・´)ゞ♪


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