Sunday, May 29, 2011


Wow... haven't update my blog for 1 month and 2 days *giggle* such a long time. I feel like it was put on a not-too-short hiatus :)

And this is the first time I posted something in blog in English (well those posts about the download links and recipe etc don't count. I used English just to make it easier for everyone to read and find the info they need). This is here I'm talking about what people usually do in ther blogs.... call it diary or whatever you like LOL. Sorry English is not my 1st language, so I will (surely) make (so many~~~) mistake now and in the future. Well, if someone are paying their time reading these clumsy posts of mine, I feel really thankful (〃∇〃) please correct me if I have mistake too. I'm pretty sure it ok (; ̄O ̄)erm.... please do so even if I don't feel ok, srsly (laugh)

So, 1 month was past really fast Σ(゚д゚lll). When I'm thinking about it, my works at university is getting worse and worse (I'm sure I'll fail more in this semester =____=) life is hard neh~

But, in this month there're also something interesting :)

first of all, any of you guys noticed my new bachground? A very well-taken picture right? (〃∇〃) It was taken from the photo shooting for w-inds. Star - a special issue of Ori★suta for w-inds. 10th anniversary. I am definitely buying this! Already discuss with another Vietnamese w-inds. fan and we'll make the order together! Just to share the shipping fee :"> this will be my first time ordering from HMV japan too. Everything will go smoothly right...? No, it's not like I'm worrying!.... well, just a bit, to be honest. BUT, the important thing is that I'm totally excited over this w-inds Star! The cover (maybe) in case someone is curious hehe~

really nice neh~? XD

there're many other pics that I want to show you guys too! But guess we don't have time for it :( so. The 2nd, thing I wanna share here is I'VE BECOME A MEMBER OF w-inds. worldwide STAFF~~~! ♥ Heart-breaking news? No? loooool~

Maybe some of you already know about the community called w-inds. worldwide. Just understand it's an unofficial gathering of w-inds. international fans represented by 2 appreciated co-founders Ash and Mellissa, 2 out of soooo admirable and lovely and kind w-inds. fans I've met. Those girls, from USA to Japan, they made the 1st, but very essential, step to make VF and w-inds. themself awared of our existence! And from just 2 people, now we have a big community. Really thanks to you two

And at the beginning of May, Ash and Mel made an request to have me as a member of the w-inds. worldwide staff. There's no way I can refuse such a great idea like that right? o(^▽^)o Obviously they need people from many countries cuz most of our tasks is to translate w-inds. related things into our language, to make it easier for other fans in our country to keep up with the news. And there're many interesting plans, but sorry I was made to keep my mouth shut about them *shhhhhh* so..... PLEASE WAIT FOR US!!! \(・ω・)/

and the last thing I wanna talk about, is the THANK YOU for STREAMING video from w-inds. worldwide to w-inds. (sorry it's w-inds. related again XDD).

The 2 lovely girls I mentioned above had come up with a brilliant idea that w-inds. fans, especially ones who enjoyed the live streaming of w-inds. 10th anniversary live should send a word to show our gratitude towards w-inds. and VF for their kindness to give us a chance to watch the special 10th anniversary live on USTREAM, Niconico and au exclusive. Then, I sent my vid to them (>▽<) it was a really hard work to record, it tooks me hours to record again and again... cuz my bad English speaking messed up everything (; ̄O ̄). I remembered filming about 30 times (laugh) then my camera was out of battery... and I gave up L-(. Well. at least it turns out not too bad~ haha.

So thank you (again), Ash and Mellissa! This kind of work takes tons of hour to do, I understand very well. And you guys have to work too... so wanna send my deepest gratitude to you! Very good job! (*^▽^*)

Here comes the video:

there was a mistake and Ash left out 2 vids from Myxd and Karen, so they uploaded them invidually as response videos to the main vid above. Check them out too!

(erm... Myxd's video will be uploaded later =3=)

So. It's the end of a month. This month is really interesting. I'm addicted to Twitter and have many intersting conversation with w-inds. fans there and have so much fun ^^. I've met many nice fans there too. Thank you all for everything you've did for me.

With love from Usachan
Nice day!


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