Monday, June 20, 2011

[DL] w-inds. in Happy Music 2011.06.18 [HDTV]

w-inds. guested in Happy Music 2011.06.18. They performed "Kirei da" with new choreography, that's so cool~~!!!!
And the most important thing is, in this show Ryuichi was the most handsome and cute and loveable blah blah in the world!!! OMG thinking about it make me want to rewatch again, NOW!

So, enjoy it ^^

Download: MediaFire Removed link. Read more here.

Credit to jpopsuki.
Cut and upload by ME.

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Updated MediaFire links (2012.05.20)


mdmnr said...

Can you to share the video again in other server, please?? I love w-inds

Usagi Tsukino said...

@mdmnr Currently pretty busy but I'll see if I can add alternative links soon, check it back after 1 week okay? ^^

Usagi Tsukino said...

@mdmnr Sorry it took so long, MediaFire links are updated. Enjoy ^^

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