Tuesday, July 5, 2011

w-inds. worldwide official website! - New single and "All Night Nippon"


We've been working on this for about 2 months (since the 1st time Ash contacted me about it). However, as a translator I know nothing about the website, especially how it will look which is the thing I expected the most XD

Visit w-inds. worldwide here http://windsworldwide.com/!

There are still many things I have to continue working on, but I'll do my best! Thanks to our leaders, Ash and Mellissa, for their hard working >////< And the greatest thing is, RYUICHI SAW US!!!!!! OMG he retweeted about the website! It's simply wonderful to think that he visited the page and saw what we are doing... I can die happily RIGHT NOW T^T

In additional to the happy night, I really had so much fun watching w-inds. guested on All Night Nippon which was streaming online! It was exciting and the guys were way too cute and hillarious LOL

OMG I love you Ryuichi XDDDDDDDDD.

And in the radio program they introduced the new single, "You & I"!! This song sounds really promising, glad that I'll have something to expect for this August! And to PAY for, too T____T

Sorry this post is a bunch of fangirl things again :P

Oyasumi minna-san!


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