Monday, July 25, 2011

New single! *sorry for being late XD* - Harshtag campaign starts too!

Maybe it's too late for an announcement, but I just wanna talk about it.

This is the new single by w-inds., "You & I". It will be their 30th single, released on Aug 17th, 2011.

Something really nice to expect for in next month neh ^^

These are the cover:

[Limited Edition]

[Regular Edition A]

[Regular Edition B]

Really great, right? I love LE cover the most! Such a  nice feeling of summer breeze with high blue sky, deep blue sea and white sand... yet we have 3 cool men looking at us, in additional LOL

Next month mah friends are going to Japan to attend a Yosakoi festival, will ask her to help me get LE ^^ I'm already excited to listen to new songs and PV, too - seems that fans will be shocked with one -or even some- busty chick LOL

Let's wait for their next masterpiece!

And don't forget to show your support by follow the harshtag campaign for w-inds. BEST LIVE TOUR 2011 which starts on Jul 27th. Use the hashtag #windsbest2011 on twitter and tweet with other fans all over the world!
JAPAN TIME 7/26 10pm-12am and 7/27 8am-11am
We're doing this to celebrate the beginning of w-inds.'s summer tour and to give them energy for the live!

Let's join together, everyone :3

Luv you all.


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