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[Report] w-inds. 10th Anniversary Best Live Tour Osaka LIVE -by Zhi Jun-

Again, here I'd love to share precious (and rare too) reports from w-inds. lives by lucky fans who got the chance to went there!

This is a repo by my friend Zhi Jun - she came to see w-inds. BEST live in Osaka twice! I do love this repo, and I read it everyday in free time LOL so check it out! The lives are AWESOME and I'm sure anyone can see it clearly via her detailed decription :3

Don't forget to send your love to her if you have a Twitter account~ see Junchan at @andromeda0201 :DD


I went for both Osaka shows and they were great! Can’t remember every single detail but at least I hope I got the main points nailed!

On the 1st day, my place was on the 27th row way on the left..which was actually rather close! I could see both Ryuichi and Keita’s expressions and movements really clearly, but less luck for Ryohei who spent most of his time on the other side.  On the 2nd day though, our seats were way at the back on the last row.This provided a completely different perspective of the LIVE because we were able to see all the overall dance moves, lighting and arrangement clearly…which also made some performances appear especially superior!

Before the performance, the w-inds. 10th anniversary logo rotated on thescreen, followed by flashing sounds introducing Ryohei, Keita and Ryuichi (it all seemed a bit like an intro to a secret agent movie XD). The opening theme was Rain is Fallin, 3 of them appeared as like in the Another World LIVE just that Ryu and Ryo switched positions. Basically they appeared on the top section and started rapping, then the door at the bottom opened with a dramatic gust of smoke and Keita continued his part. This song was definitely suitable as an opening since it did a great job in riling up the audience! Ryuichi shouted “ Say Yeah!!! “ during the intervals  (which we gladly screamed along!) …. Also who can forget them changing the lyrics to “Just w-inds. and you!”

Their outfits for this section were really cool, they wore bright red jackets andblack pants. Keita’s red jacket was a bit more special, having a black behind,plus he and Ryohei were wearing shades. Ryuichi wore a hat (well he had it on most of the time). Definitely a fitting combination for all the hot dance tracks!

Super Lover:The minute Keita said “Hi Baby” everyone screamed!  The screen on the background was a large shimmering disco ball just as in the PV, 5 times larger. As usual, “SuperLover!!” was sung by us with the stage lights flashing as we did so. The boys were dancing throughout the whole song (yeah not just walking around!) and I could only remember fans around me singing along really excitedly!

Swear Down:Keita put on a black hat which attracted some “kyaaaaas”. In the beginning, Ryu and Ryo were sitting on chairs on each side of the stage dancing, which looked really good (something like 06 LIVE’s SoraKara). Kei was on the top section…but came down later during the chorus and started to play around with the microphone stand (just like 07 LIVE’s Is That You), and the way his foot manipulated and twirled the stand was so cool, I heard fans letting out surprised gasps. For the last part of the song, during the 2 echos: “Swear Down… Swear Down”, Keita first gestured towards Ryohei on his left… a thin beamof light on the stage then flowed towards Ryohei, who then did a little dance….with the 2nd Swear Down, Keita moved lightly to the right and gestured to Ryuichi who then did his moves. It sounds pretty easy but the way they did it looked so smooth!

Afterthe MC was the 1st medley, the main point to note was that 3 of them took turns in singing a phrase each!

Try Your Emotion succeeded in making the audiences cheer and move along with it, Ryohei began singing followed by Ryuichi. While one member was singing, the others will be behind dancing. They kept walking around too, starting from the right side of thestage towards the left. Again “Try Your Emotion!! And Take Your Dream!!” was for the audience.

W.O.L.: I’m not that familiar with this song as compared to the others, but there was some sort of mid-tempo shaking butt movement in 1 part (Cos of You done half in speed). It was done pretty fast and smoothly but yeah…fans were shrieking XDDD

BW66:Ryu and Ryo were in charge of the rap bit! During the interval, Ryohei did some breaking on the round stage right in the middle.

Natsu Sora Koi no Uta :There was a beautiful blue sky + white fluffy clouds as a background for this!The boys were smiling so warmly that before I realized it, I had a silly grin all throughout!

No Doubts: This was right after the medley, due to the sound system being too booming I thought it kinda ruined it a slight bit. A dance movement here resembled No One Else’s“Dekinaiiii…” from the 428 LIVE, which is reaching the hands out both sides one at a time, then lightly turning each leg in an anti-clockwise movement at the same time. Urgh, pretty bad description! For the final sentence “Ai shiteruuu”, the lights dimmed down at once which created such a good final atmosphere!

Dance Corner:

Ryuichi’s HOUSE was really sexy! I really love how his dance moves can be so suave,seductive with a tinge of “wild” all at the same time, plus having the hat sitting lopsidedly further added to the cool aura! If not mistaken, he did alot of floating and sliding leg movements throughout the whole song.

Keita’s LOCKING was like…wow, it’s been a long time we have seen this! Most of the time he was dancing on the round circle centre accompanied by 2 other dancers. His movements were really swift and strong … plus cute?? (I know it sounds weird but I actually thought that =_=””). He finished with his right hand hitting the ground and the lights went off at once, awesome!

Ryohei’s BREAKING felt like the highlight of this section; it was the longest bit and involved most of the dancers. At the beginning, 2 dancers (YU-KI and …Kouki(?))were dancing at his side first, only then did he do his bit. His one-handed Freeze move this time definitely looked different, though I’m not sure how! The audience was cheering loudly throughout this!

Solo Parts:

For Ryuichi’s Shiki, he was dressed allin white, perched on a high stool playing a guitar, with another electronic guitar as an accompaniment behind him. His voice was really nice! It sounded mellower, re-iterating a slower version of this classic. With the sole spotlight on him, it emitted a feeling of a setting sun or even a scent of autumn. Totally his own style!

For Keita’sWhat’s the Difference, he had on a blue jacket with a white T, standing while playing the guitar. The mood changed completely to bright and cheerful (he was grinning from ear to ear too which I guess enhanced it), overall very alike to the CD version.

Now Ryohei’s Izayoi no Tsuki was yet again the highlight, the moment the intro played, he rose up slowly from the top part of the stage singing with one of his arms held close to his chest (you should have heard the screams, me included XD). His voice was soft and gentle plus he could sing up to the same key as Keita’s which was really surprising! It was just beautiful! At the end he “exited” gracefully on the bottom section of the stage, slowly descending away.

You & I:This new single is just so refreshing! All 3 of them were dressed in summery clothes, and the background was yet again a wonderful blue sky (and omg there was a sunset too!)… I shamefully admit that stole my attention away for some bits ….OTL.. Even so, hearing this LIVE was just so sweet!

After the MC was the 2nd Medley:

I’mnot sure why I can’t remember BeautifulLife (except for the colorful visuals) but the next oneSong 4 Uwas pretty cute. Ryuichi was on the round centre played a guitar, and Ryohei was singing and dancing along with Keita at the front. Then the staff pushed a keyboard out and Ryohei ran over to play it (screams again). The end of this song had about 2-3 minutes of pure instrumental, in which Keita got bored and ran to the top section to fool around with 2 other dancers (On the 1st day they did some punching movements, on the 2nd day they did the “snake wave” movement from Can’t Get Back)….which was all too distracting lol.

Next medley song was It’s in the Stars in which everyone followed the famous move, and I accidentally hit the fan next to me…oops. I can’t remember Love is theGreatest Thing except the glass-shattering “Woooooooo” cry from Keita. Next was Will Be There~恋心, the background was a huge pink heart rotating aroundand lots of fans let out delighted cries when they heard this song. According to another fan, they had some butt shaking movements here too XD

Alright, now this section is probably my favorite out of the already awesome LIVE so I’m going to be saying even more!

At the start, everyone retreated but Ryuichi just strolled to the chair on the left, sat down crossing his left leg over his right and started to give the most badass cool rap I’ve ever heard from him!(At this point I was wondering why they still had a solo)…. But this was Chillin in the Daydream!!!

This R&B type song just had such funky beats,and you will not be able to resist swaying and jamming along the minute you hear this live! After Ryuichi’s rap, Keita suddenly appeared on the huge screen, wearing a white hat and coat (resembling some 80s style movie), dancing in perfectly well generated CG raindrops and puddles singing the chorus. This video was even divided into 3 sections, showing the main movements of thisdance… basically it looked like a PV!! Next was Ryohei’s Rap, he appeared on the top section walking down the steps slowly as he rapped, giving a calmer yet steady feel.  This was followed again bythe “Kei in the Rain” vid, but when this chorus ended, Keita really appeared on the top middle section, in a round water-filled basin, with crystal clear raindrops still as the background…. no matter how you look at it it’s just too gorgeous to describe.

Then Keita started dancing (perhaps you can think of it as in Paradox just with more subtle movements). This is one of the performances where you have to look from the top to be able to perceive thewhole picture and see the actual “water droplets splashing while dancing”effect. Anyway… THERE NEEDS TO BE A PV FOR THIS!!

Deny:3 of them were dressed in white, even the piano and guitar were white… which made it all so dreamy! Since it was a rearrangement,the piano opening was beautiful and really melancholic. First part was more like a ballad with the only instruments being Keita’s piano and Ryuichi’s guitar, then the beats entered in the 2nd part, turning the songinto a slow rock. Ryohei sat on the right side of the piano with a stylish pose. If you enjoyed the Deny from 09’s LIVE, then you’ll definitely love this!They harmonized so well too and on the 2nd day, Keita even sang an extremely high “dolphin hum” right at the end of the song.

Rainbow Hill: w-inds.each stood on a pedestal on the top section of the stage, the background was absolutely lovely. During the non-chorus bits, each had a bright oval clusterof lights behind them (if not wrong its red, blue and green)…. and watching from the top, the stage lights shining down were rainbow colored, it was like a rainbow Eden! During the chorus, the background was as if flying speedily through the white clouds in the sky. I cannot express how much this performance made the song seem miles better!

Be as One:Yet another high octave song. The background was now a starry night sky, with occasional meteors shooting past and even planets, just…. argh totally perfect! I’m going to say here that Keita was in excellent condition during these 2 songs sounding even better than the studio version, and this song was like a far call out tothe horizons (or heck, even the universe) to the loved one. So I only remember my mouth opened stupidly while listening to this song and even felt sooo touched!

Somewhere in Time: Just too cute! Ryohei and Keita didn’t dance for this, Ryohei was occupied with the backup vocals but Ryuichi was doing this really free-style dancing behindthem…. which was really adorable.

Kireida: Anyone who watched Happy Music will know that they have changed the dance choreo for this.The background vid was all their lives from previous years singing this song(and at this time… I felt there were too many things to concentrate on …OTL) .The “heart” movement at the end was just too cute.

Long Road: Oh yeah, most popular song!! The background was now as if cruising on a highway,passing by lots of sign posts that had their singles and album covers. The dance moves were slightly different, during the “a ru i te…” in the chorus,they formed a line with the dancers making a light skippy walking move which was adorable! During “On my own roadddd~~~”, everyone slowly lifted up their light sticks .

Forever Memories:The dancers left the stage, Ryo and Ryu stood behind Kei dancing and they did not move from their positions. It was as if they had returned to their debut days. Background vid aired various clips from their debut till 2010… also clips of each member from debut till now so you could see how they have grown. It was all just too touching, I really teared up! (saw some fans wiping tears too so I’m not the only one!). They gave us the last chorus to sing.

After Encoring for what seemed like ages….

The last 3 songs were the most “high tension” of all!

Let’s Get It On started the roll… background vid being the PV + YokoAri. The boys wore whiteT-shirts with shiny black jackets, Keita’s was a bit different because it was more like a black vest with a hood + shades. Since he had the hood on most of the time I actually did not see him in the beginning ….OTL . And they had silver shiny pants too! (please refer to It’s in the Stars PV). All of us followed the characteristic moves during the chorus and both Ryo and Ryu sounded so badass for their raps! While Keita sang “shawty take it off…” he really did take off his black vest halfway, but well, he still had the white t-shirt on so tell me what’s the difference? XDDD

Some more followed straight after, the interval between the songs had really strong beats and the lights changed to red. Basically it looked similar to last year but for some reason, their moves this time seemed so much stronger!

Last of all was New World!! Omg, to be able to see this LIVE was totally my dream! Background vid was PV + 09+10 clips mashed together (it was really distracting XD). Too bad the middle bit where they gathered in a circle was replaced by introducing the dancers. Due to my position, for the chest popping moves I could see KeiRyu’s REALLY clearly!  Using this song to end it would have achieved 09’s effect, totally not enough!!

Credits involved screening some backstage clips, using another new song “I vs I” as the background music. Finally there were some sentences written in English which roughly said : “ we really appreciate your support throughout all these years………  We LOVE YOU ALL!!”

Oh my, that totally hit me hard! Everyone cheered and clapped when they saw this!

What a great end!!!!



I remember some of them so for those whohave seen this live, please correct me if there are any mistakes.

On the first day, Ryohei talked A LOT andwas really cute! He said that while he was in Osaka, he had some ginger ale with a friend and got really drunk! After that, he went to disturb Keita in his room and danced something resembling Crayon Shin-Chan’s arm wriggling movewhile saying “yo yo ! wassup Keii taaa!!” …. And Keita replied back “Yo chiba-chan! High tension desu yo!!”…. while pointing up.

Keita : Are you a producer?? Lol I did not say that!  (and he lightly hit ryohei’s head!... which made everyone dissolve into fits of laughter)

Ryohei : when Keita teases me he’ll call me chiba-chan

Ryuichi : yeah yeah, don’t you tease him!

Keita : I do not!!

Also, when 3 of them were discussing who was more popular with the girls…

Ryohei : its ryuichi…

Ryuchi : Lies! Last time girls used tocome to me saying …”ahh… ryohei-kun is so cool…”

(and he imitated how the girls would talkXD)

Ryohei : no no, I’m not popular at all! (fans : ehhhhhhhhh)

Ryohei : Actually, I found that I’m more popular here in Osaka compared to Tokyo. Once a hot bar girl approached me and said… “Ah, you look a lot like Ryohei from w-inds….” … I replied “ Yeah, I’ve been told that a lot” …. Girl “unless you are the actual one?!” …. I said “yeah, I guess so” XDDDD

Keita (standing next to Ryuichi looking at Ryo)  : Your expression is pissing me off ==

Ryohei : But then you all should see how Keita fares, when women pass him they’ll just whip their head around to stare…like this…

(then he demonstrated it in front of us,TWICE which was hilarious! We were all dying XDDD)

On the 2nd day, the 3 boys praised the blue lights in the hall, it went dark and everyone raised their light sticks up and waved…. Could only hear them going “wah!! Sugoi sugoi!!”….then next was Ryuichi groaning urghhhh ahhhhh (like he just got shot by an arrow)…then a thud. The lights came back on and we saw Ryuichi lying motionless on the stage… lol! Blue light overdose perhaps??

Keita (staring at Ryuichi) : er… u know I think I’ve seen the same thing before >_>

They also kept talking about their hair….

Keita : Ever since Ryuichi-kun cut his hair he has had that hat on all the time

(Ryuichi then took off his hat, and the fans were shouting…kawaii kawaii!!!)

Ryohei then said that Ryuichi’s hair was short, Keita’s is semi long, and his is Long… also expressed his long term wish of wanting a golden monk head! (Fans :NOOOOOOOO!!!)

Keita : I think with blond hair you look like a prince! (Fans : yeah yeah!) ….. but your skin is so fair even with black hair you’ll look really good, it will emphasize it…!  (everyone was becoming rowdier) …..Seriously!! Look at how fair your skin is, can I touch it?

(Then Keita actually lightly brushed his fingers across Ryohei’s cheek, and Ryohei didn’t budge an inch!.. omg the screams in the hall when that happened…. XDDDD)

Ryuichi for some unknown reason kept hitting his hat away, he did that for about 3 times. At the end Ryohei said something like … “mahhh…only Ryu-chan is like this…”, probably some sort of teasing statement. Keita laughed and High 5 –ed Ryohei, Ryuchi just lowered hishead and went “sorry..” pitifully.

Also on this day, they announced the HK live, everyone cheered and clapped! We shouted “Thankkkk youuuuu~!!”

For the 2nd day, the audience were also extremely genki, so after the encore everyone was still going “Mou yikai, Mou yi kai!!!”, even after the dancers had left the stage. But Keita said:” After those 3 songs, I’ll probably die if I continue…OTL”…

..oh well, so I guess it didn’t matter XD


Original post here. I'm glad if anyone enjoy it as how I did! :D


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