Tuesday, August 16, 2011

[DL] w-inds. 30th Single - You & I [2011.08.17] [192kbps]

Hi everyone ^^

This morning I visited Jpopsuki randomly and was surprised that the new single is uploaded already! :O It's really surprising because "You & I" is realeased tomorrow... I guess this person bought the digital copy, i.e, via rekochoku? Anyway, this is a good news for fans like us that we can enjoy the new masterpiece of w-inds. sooner! XD

Therefore, I re-uploaded the single so that it can be shared easily. Feel free to get the files and if you want to share them, PLEASE CREDIT PROPERLY. Thanks for your cooperation :x

Credit to jpopsuki.
Uploaded by Usagi@blogspot.

Please purchase original copy to support the artist if it's available in your area!


01. You & I
02. Chillin' in the Daydream
03. Humanizer (Regular A)
03. I Vs. I (Regular B)


Removed link. Read more here.

Enjoy! I love all the songs ♥ and trust me, you'll regret if you pass this awesome single!


andromeda0201 said...

oops dunno whether my comment was posted but thanks for sharking aki-chan~~

andromeda0201 said...

LOL i mean sharing not sharking XDDD

Usagi Tsukino said...

Your post on my Facebook wall made me very happy, Junchan :x
just look up for "sharking". LOL XDDDD

Kievé Mii said...

*send thousand roses to Usa-chan* THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
i just now wondered if there's someone post the DL link for the single then i saw your post!! I'm glad checking my blog today XDDD

Emin Khor said...

The songs are great! Thanks for sharing!

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