Saturday, September 10, 2011

[DL] You & I PV 1080i [DVDRip]

Guess what? XD My friend, akai, had been to Japan for 10 days for a Yosakoi festival, and she came back last week with all the stuffs I asked her to get! \\\(^o^}///. I received them this Wednesday:

I have to say, it's sooooo nice and lucky for me to have someone brought my stuffs back from JP. She saved me a bunch of money for shipping fee which is always such a pain in the ass - I LOVE YOU SIS (≧▽≦) *send thousands hugs*

Thanks to her, I've got You & I LE about 2 weeks earlier than usual :D It took me serveral days to rip and upload the DVD. Unfortunately, for the first time, DVD Decrypter failed T___T It cannot read this DVD! Maybe Pony Canypon finally upgrade their protection systems to avoid illegal sharing? *sigh* I looked for an alternative software and here I found AnyDVD - "it works like a charm!" said Esther, lol.

Sorry for being too wordy, haha :)) anyway, this is what I've promised some of you who are reading this blog:

You & I PV - 1080i [DVDRip]

Ripped and uploaded by UsagiTsukino@blogspot.

Please purchase original copy to support the artist if it's available in your area!

These files are uploaded for sharing without making any profit and I do not claim to be the owner of them. Hotlink and uploading to streamsites is strictly prohibited. If you want to share on other websites, please upload to your own server and DO NOT FORGET TO credit or post the link to this blog. 

Download :

Removed link. Read more here.

Feel free to get the files and enjoy :x "Making of You & I" will be up soon after I finish uploading, so stay tuned! :D


nidokido said...

Can you share with me the VOB file of this PV???

Usagi Tsukino said...

Sure! I'll post it about 4 days later, cuz it takes time for uploading.
I also thought of sharing ISO file of this DVD, but it's such a pain in the ass to upload 1.1GB. *sigh*

Karen said...

Thank you very much!! I love your blog!

mdmnr said...

thanks I love w-inds

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