Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Because I'm gonna do this......!!!!

Last night our boys was performing at Nippon Budokan!!

It was the last concert in w-inds. summer live tour. As usual, their final stop is Budokan and this time is even more special because the live was broadcasted on FujiNEXT :DDDD

Unfortunately it's a cable channel so there was no way I could use KeyHole =( so I was just spending the whole evening looking at my comp screen and searching desperately for any tweet mentioning w-inds. with an attached photo T~~~T at least my effort gained some fruits~!!

Most of the caps below belong to annon_w, momoryohei and melissa_mari_f!! The others were found on Facebook or Twitter, and uploaders just don't wanna tell me the source =3=

Look at the gorgeous men ;_________;


1st part:

Rain Is Fallin', SUPER LOVER ~I love you tonight~, SWEAR DOWN
 Medley: try your emotion, W.O.L, boogie woogie 66, 夏空の恋の詩


2nd part:  

Solo dance corners (Ryuichi, Keita and Ryohei in order)
Solos: Ryuichi's 四季, Keita's WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE and Ryohei's 十六夜の月
You & I
Medley: Beautiful Life, song 4 U, IT'S IN THE STAR, LOVE IS THE GREATEST THING, will be there ~恋心~

3rd part:

Chillin' in the Daydream, Deny, RAINBOW HILL, Be As One
somewhere in time, Long Road, Forever Memories

Let's get it on, Some More, New World
キレイだ (with Sukima Switch)
Endless Moment (additional song)


We love you too ♥

and a beautiful picture of w-inds. worldwide fans before the live!

Recognize Huiping, Quek Singyi (or at least that's her FB name :P), Cheke, Melissa and Ash :D
Sadly there was no Je Si cuz she was busy being photographer! XD

Hopefully I'll be in the photo soon, lol~

Good night ♥


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