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w-inds. 10th Anniversary -Three Fourteen- at 日夲武道館 review

... or I'd rather call it w-inds. 428 live, considering that its very long name is easy to be misunderstood with the w-inds. 10th Anniversary -Three Fourteen- DVD box released earlier this year. T___T

anyway, I have to admit I haven't received my copy yet. ToT hopefully it'll arrive by the beginning of next week. Hopefully.

Even though I'm very much of a patient person here, I've been craving for this live DVD for too long. Then when I saw this illegal copy of the DVD in a regular music shop, I just bought it w/o much of a thought. It's not a very nice idea to buy illegal DVD (which has really good quality picture and sound, at a very cheap price of about 120 yen), but I also purchase the legit copy right? If possible, I highly recommend you buying this DVD, because, it's not like we'll ever spend another 10th anniversary of w-inds. - and the guys did a fabulous job to celebrate this special year with an anniversary live, which is so good that it still conquers all my minds 2 days after watching. Give it a try, okay? :D

So.... this post was supposed to be a review. But it' not really a review,  to be honest. For anyone who follows me on Twitter, they must have been used to my odd habit to watch w-inds. DVD and at the same time make their timelines flooded with my comments. This time it is not different from the others :P and here I'll simply re-blog all my tweets 2 days ago, with some sreencaps of the DVD. If you had been irritated enough by the tweets, feel free to leave now XD


WARNING: SPOILED. Screencaps and my crappy descriptions. LEAVE NOW if you wanna save your feeling for the 1st time watching this DVD :P

(DVD cover)

So, let's get started!

DVD starts playing. I don't know how to describe this feeling, just like I'm living on 2011.04.28 again. Yeah.

360 degree round stage
and the countdown starts.....


"Let's get it on" starts

I remember screaming when I saw his new short hair that day. OMG~~~~~~~~~~~

I srsly love the beat of LGIO used for 428. It's different from the original one, for some reasons, & definitely makes the song even better.

Wait. I rmb this yr FC event started after 428? Or I was wrong, cuz I saw fans waving To My Fans signlight.
via the FCLT started before 428 in osaka where it was safer

Night Flight!!! omg the dance

Couldn't take my eyes off the screen during Night Flight!! I wonder who will be the 1st one to cover Night Flight dance.

  no one else

HEY RYUICHI I CAN SEE YOUR #MUSCLES. #DIE. He is always easy to be sweating after only 1-2 songs.

No one else has always been my fav since I 1st listened to SUPER LOVER single, but I loved it even more after 428 T^T

they cut the MCs. Not surprising, but this is the 1st time I have this feeling "Hey I know you cut off part of MCs. I know how it was!" lol

Take me to the PARADISEEEE~~~♪

Leader looks like he's reaching to the paradise somewhere above him. xDDDD

The USTREAM stopped after NEW PARADISE rite...?

Why I have a feeling like I've never seen kawariyuku sora live? Or because this is the BEST perf ever?

Btw, it's really funny seeing some poses of the boys which I've seen on digipri xDD (please refer to picture no.106 and 107 on Vision Factory Photo Shop for more detail XD)

Just for youuuuuu~♪ hey Ashu, happy birthday xDDDD it's 00:00 in Vietnam now! @cloverhunting (I was tweeting on phone so couldn't send her this cap... I'm sure she'd love it =3=)

Keita, you are such a super star.

Still with you, now~~~

Damn, the way he says "gomen neh" and smiles shyly is just too cute. XDD

Awesome. I can understand what KT is singing! lol. Not perfect, but very good job, @keita_tachibana (I hope u r still around)

Damn. will need to watch KT's Still w you again later. I paid too much attention in the way he sings English & forgot to enjoy the song. ToT

Ryuichi's solo is next? omg. I'm so excited. I think I'm trembling. Damn it, I am omfg. Need to pause and take a deep breath... (by Ash: it's too good, you're going to freak XD)

This song is very nice. Really, & totally Radio Foundation's style. But what made me touched the most is the last three "I need more time".

Cannot tell what is special about it. I'm just, touched, deeply.
(via Ashu again: "they cut out part of his intro i feel... because his chin was quivering and stuff at the live")

Need a long pause before continue w Ryohei dance corner. If I had been there what would I have done to ease my feeling?

Is that the advantage of being skinny? They lifted him as if he's nothing. Or air. #SkinnyBoy

Huh? What's the main plot of this dance corner? "RYOHEI IS THE GOD"? lol, interesting. xDDD

guess which song?

"Thanks for all Staffs, Friends, Families and... FANS". In English. Boys I feel like crying right now ;______;

I wonder how @cloverhunting and @highsummoner survived there. ;_____;
("just freaking shaking and crying the whole time, throwing pen lights over the balcony, etc. etc." said Ashuuuuuu. I remember she said the person her penlight fell on tried to throw it back to her and it was really hillarious, especially when behind them, TOKYO was playing)

koko TOKYO. I came here to chase after my dream, NEVER REGRET..... keep on dreaming~♪

 I don't rmb much of Tokyo lyrics, but how could I forget the meaning of it...?


Chibi w-inds. on the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel The Fate

SANKYUUUUUUUUU~~~~ (replied to Keita's 3kyu XD)

Another Days

Long Road

The flags!!! Suddenly I remember the BIG baloons in Love Is The Graetest Thing at YokoAri last yr XDDD


On my own roaaaaaad~~~♪

Srsly, I love everything their stylist put on Ryuichi. Why can't he always do his job properly like that? .___.
Keita's failed attempt to hit Ryuichi's head. xDDD

New-age dreams now. How much KT's voice has changed since then...?

Endless Moment

 Jump! Jump!... it makes me rmb the Pigg Dome live too. So many good memories.

"Can you make endless moment to step, to shine, to love...?"

TO MY FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The live performance of To My Fans is great. I can feel that they are singing and dancing for us. #wrkr saikou \ ̄〇 ̄/

Forever Memories

THANK YOU!!!!!!!
(on the screen you can see Thank you in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Korean and of course, Japanese!)

 To be honest, I wish they used Special Thanx!, but THANK YOU must be chosen for a reason.

It's Perfect Days :"O I can understand why they chose this song cuz of its name, but the meaning of Perfect Days... xDDD (Perfect Days is used as background music for the ending and credit)



Well, that's how it is. Even though I didn't tweet much, all the caps made this the longest post I've ever done! I literally watched the whole live again to take pics, and because the live still plays vividly in my mind everytime I want to rewind, it's not too hard to find the right scene I mentioned in the tweets.

I want to say thanks to anyone who did share my feelings (or endured with it XD). Sorry that I flood your timelines everytime I have a new DVD, but being alone makes me wanna explode inside with all the strong feelings I always get whenever watching w-inds. live. I guess it can't be helped neh?

So.... what are you waiting for? Go get your own copy ASAP! It worths all your money, indeed!!


Dan said...

could you please upload the ISO of this DVD?! I couldn't find anywhere!!

Thanks!! =D

Usagi Tsukino said...

Thank you for submitting your request!

I'm sorry I cannot fulfill it right now, since I want to stick with my sharing rule : DVD gonna be available for download ONE YEAR after release day. In this case it means 2012, October 19th.

I can underdstand if you find this pretty strict, but it's all for the sake of w-inds. If possible, please purchase the original copy - because artists don't do them for free :) if you need any tip in overseas shopping, drop me a message and I would love to help.

Anonymous said...

please can you tell me what's this edition?? japanese edition ot taiwan or chinese???

Usagi Tsukino said...

@Anonymous I took these picture from was a Chinese bootleg copy. I received my genuine Japanese copy after that.

Anonymous said...

ok thank you^^

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