Friday, December 2, 2011

Keita is a superman!

Because he can read my thought!

Man, I can't believe I didn't post this sooner LOL why 10 days later? XD

yeah 10 days ago I tweeted this:

and because I meant it as a joke, I didn't tag Keita in my tweet, which is totally useless as well since he's alr left Twitter.

And can you believe? Only 3 hours later, this thing appeared in my timeline:

He had never tweeted anything since Oct 20th, and his last blog was like, since Oct 11th? And for me him saying such a radom thing as "Wahahahaha!!!" is just like he was only trying to "make a noise" XDDDDD "Hey, I'm not dead yet!" LOL

That saying, I was sooooooooooooo surprised and Ryuichi really made my day! That's why I wonder if Keita read my thought and, erm, told Ryuichi to do something about it... Meh, I'm a fangirl and I have the right to fantatasize XD THANK YOU KEITA <3333

He also tweeted "good morning" 2 days later, haha XD

No more update from him since then, but this account @blowdesu posted an adorable pic of Ryuichi and his owl! Hello Blow-chan! Long time no see, Ryuichi never mentions you so I even thought you are dead =A=

She is soooo cute with those big eyes (●v●)ゞ


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