Thursday, December 8, 2011

[DL] w-inds. x SPEED - SUPER LOVER ~I Need You Tonight~in FNS Music Festival 2011.12.07 [HDTV]

Last night, w-inds. made their first appearance in one of the biggest annual show, FNS Music Festival ^^
They have received the good treat from FujiTV this year, don't you think? UNITED 4 was aired and w-inds. BEST LIVE TOUR in Nippon Budokan was live broadcasted by FujiTV, and many other appearances in variety shows. That's a good sign for our boys in their 10th anniversary, neh? :D

Because FNS invited LOTS of artists, so most of them only performed about 2 minutes or less... MOST of them. We don't count big names such as Arashi, AKB48 or SMAP in, lol. I know many fans complained about how short w-inds. performance was, but... let's hope that after FNS, they'll continue to be invited to big music events and get more screens, okay? ^^

Beside that, I want to send my gratitude to tenohara@Jpopsuki :D He/she did an extremely good job to have FNS performances posted as fast as possible! I was shocked to see Arashi's perf there in, uhm, less than 10 minutes after it was broadcasted? Haha XD

So here you can find download link for w-inds. collab with SPEED, SUPER LOVER. It's called a collaboration but all SPEED did is doing background dancers... they didn't sing a word XD To be honest, I wish w-inds. could do more songs like this in the future. Some certain fans need to get used to the idea of them on stage with female dancers ASAP, if you get what I mean.

Hope you enjoy this performance! :D and this is not a rule, but please leave a comment if you are downloading... I love to read them ^^


Credit to tenohara@jpopsuki.
Uploaded by ME (Usagi@wFF)
Please credit properly if you want to share my upload in any forum/website/blog.


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