Saturday, February 4, 2012


Anyone watched it???

w-inds. new PV for upcoming single, 「FLY HIGH」 was revealed in Music Japan 3 days ago! :D And just tell you, I love it to bits!!!

It has never been mentioned in my blog before, but for a long time New World has been the number 1 PV for me, and to be honest I doubted if it can be replaced soon. Addicted to love, Let's get it on and You & I are very nice, but they have never been somewhere near the place of NW in my heart.

However, things suddenly changed with 「FLY HIGH」 ! :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:

I love everything about this PV. Even thou NW is still my no.1 (I'm the faithful type, that is. XD), I can tell that FLY HIGH has come very close. In fact I'm more impressed about the PV than the song itself - it's a beautiful, supporting song with ver touching lyrics - everyone will love it. But not catchy enough to make me listen to it non-stop, haha.

Now, please enjoy!

By the way, this official preview made it way to get more than 30,000 views after 2 days and ranked #31 on the YouTube music ranking in Japan, while w-inds. Official YouTube channel is the Most View music channel in Japan today. It is amazing!!

A side news - w-inds. official Tenchen Weibo (just call it QQ lol) account is currently having more than 1.8 million follower! Impressing huh? Such a power if all the Chinese fans get together, haha XDDD

Wish you all a nice day!


I'm thinking of doing a countdown to FLY HIGH release in this blog. Maybe I'll post a high-quality cap of FLY HIGH PV (at 1920x1080 px resolution :D) each day. Let's see if I have time (`・ω・´)ゞ♪


Kievé "Mii" said...

Agree... this pv is made with tons of AWESOMENESS~~!!

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