Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You're my Everlasting Song

Many things happened recently. Good things, bad things. I thought of blogging about them many times, but as always, I did nothing. Just as expected from me, I never tell anyone about my deepest thought, even to a diary or my blog. Haha.

Anyway, recently (exactly it's yesterday :P) I went pass a very interesting clip on tudou. It's a fanvid about KeiRyu - well I'm pretty sure you know what I'm talking about - it's a fanvid dedicated to the "couple" KeiRyu. LOL I myself have always been interested in this field, and KeiRyu is my favorite pair from w-inds. But that's not exactly what caught my attention. At the opening, music starts playing and it's a slow piano piece which is always my weak point. I decided that I should check this out and... just 10 seconds later, I found myself gasping and my hands were on my mouth to keep my sobs lower. I'm not exaggerating, that's exactly what I did. The vid is very well made, all small clips taken from Love is message, Izayoi no Tsuki, Yakusoku no Kakera, Keita's Michishirube and some tour documents are jointed together to create a beautiful but sad love story.

I think I watched it about 4-5 times consecutively and decided that I want to share it to a bigger playground, YouTube. Contacting the uploader, ivan is not too hard, luckily a girl I met on Twitter is her friend ^^ they even sent me the original video. And here is what I want to introduce you:

Even if you are not interested in KeiRyu or boys' love in general, I suggest you check it out. Background music is sountrack of a Chinese drama, "你是我一首唱不完的歌 -You're my Everlasting Song-". It's sad and way too emotional and suits the story-line totally. All about this vid is made perfectly, I have to say.

So check it out, okay? :)


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