Saturday, February 18, 2012


My last post was 3 days ago....? Haha, you knew it.

By the way.
Today I want to show you guys something:

This is a live cover of Adele's famous hit "Rolling In The Deep" by Linkin Park. You can get other information in the description of the video :)

Watch it till the end. What do you think?

I've been a long-time follower of Linkin Park, and I have to admit that they have been on a slight flop in recent years. Their latest album is nice - they are experiencing new things and that's good - but I don't find myself hooked in their recent stuffs like how I was with Numb, Somewhere I belong... in the past. That's was a bit disappointing.

However, this performance successfully moved me to tears. Even thou I think Chester's voice has already passed its peak, the amount of emotion he pours in each word he sings is AMAZING. That's what made me cry so hard. The maturity he showed in the way he sings and expresses is something Adele couldnot do (sorry any Adele's fan but that's the truth).

And here's something really amazing too:

THIS IS STUNNING. They are a group of 3 siblings - ages from 11 to 15 - from Mexico. You can read more about them in wikipedia, Vazquez Sounds' official HP, and yes, more vids on their Official YouTube channel.

They are still at their very young stage - especially the vocal who is only 11 - and very potential. I can keep my eyes on them from now on, watching how they will grow and getting more and more excellent; just thinking of it makes me so much happy.

Sometimes I can't help feeling so blessed that I was born with the ability to understand the beautiful world of sounds and music - it's something I cannot live without, just like a tree desperately needs water and light to live on. If - just if, someday I got caught in a critical situation - whatever it is - the only thing I need is a music player. iPod, mp3 player, music box.... anything. With good music. I will listen to it, keep playing...... until I die. And I will die happily.

That sounds really crazy huh?

picture taken from here.


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