Wednesday, February 15, 2012

8 days to Valentine's, oops, to FLY HIGH haha

So, how was your day?

It's great if you can spend today beside your special one. But if you are not, enjoy your free single life even more! Haha XD Happy Single day~~~~

In the morning I made chocolate, met some friends, and borrowed new books. Then after dinner Mom bought a cake for V-day! I was like, what the heck it is for, LOL but it was really fun to celebrate with my family ^^

Above all, my V-Day is great! plus I sneaked a morning kiss from the baka standing in my cellphone's screen, that's enough for me right now :3

Good night kiss from Ryuichi - SPECIAL ATTACK!!!!!!

Now now, it's good night for real. Only 1 week lefttttttttttt~

*kiss back*


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