Saturday, February 11, 2012


Blogging everyday is definitely not my thing. I keep forgeting about it =_____=

So there's 11 days left. right? I'm very excited to watch the live performance which will be broadcasted next Saturday on Music Fair, 18:00 JST. Everyone can watch via KeyHole, so don't miss it!!!

Today's treat are screencaps of my favorite dance moves in FLY HIGH:

They could totally do this in Put Your Hands Up!! XD

Looks cooool. Actually this is a move in New World - w-inds. includes some other songs' discographies in FLY HIGH, I bet you also realized they are familiar ;)

I also have something new to announce. Yesterday I started a side-channel of witchxUsagi's YouTube, witchxUsagi2, where I'll post TV shows/performances/etc which are likely to be removed for copyright infringements. If the channel die, just set up a new one lol but I don't want to lose my main account at all cost, so this is what I came up to. Feel free to subscribe, since it's the only way to keep updated of my uploads - all videos will not being tagged with w-inds., so a simple search cannot find them :)

Have fun there, and I hope it won't be suspended soon!! LOL

EDIT (2012/07): Man it's suspended !!!


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