Saturday, April 21, 2012

[DL] Daichi Miura - Two Heart PV [M-ON! - HDTV]

Have enyone read my previous blog about this PV? :D Anyone? No one? Oh noooo I'm so sad :(

Is it because you cannot watch youku/tudou/Chinese video streaming websites in general? If so, then download it!

To be really honest, I'm scared of avex to detect and delete these files - which also means another 2 strikes and my MediaFire account will surely be suspended. Ain't that very troublesome? I have back-ups of everything, but uploading ALL of them is a time-comsuming task. And it might take weeks, or months. And, mostly I would never share Daichi's files again.

I believe you don't want it to happen. To avoid any of the thing mention aboved, please read my sharing rules below:

1. NO DIRECT SHARING DOWNLOAD LINKS. This includes private sharing, i.e you PM/e-mail your friend(s). Just take them back to this post.
2. You can reupload the files, but DON'T credit to me or link back to this blog. Mentioning me as "Usagi" is fine.
3. Want to upload to streamsites? You are welcome. Just don't credit me, okay.

Now, grab it and enjoy!! Daichi is such a bamf ♥

Password: aftertherain


Anonymous said...

hi~ thanks for uploading and sharing this, its better not to share the links so it won't be detected. I also uploading daichi's files for backup. :P anyway thank you so much!♥

Usagi Tsukino said...

@Anonymous eh.... but the purpose here is sharing, what do you mean by "not to share the links"? XD I don't upload them for back-up.
Thanks for visiting anyway! :D

Zoe Grants said...

Hi, Usagi!

Do you still have Daichi's PV in HD somewhere in sotrage?
I"m dying to watch it in quality, cos' all I have for now is 360p which doesn't let me enjoy it at all.
Please, let me know!!!
You can write to me by e-mail^ whoiszoe[at]


Usagi Tsukino said...

@Zoe Grants hi Zoe Grants, I don't share the files on this blog anymore. But you can watch it in HD here ;) hope this helps!

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