Friday, January 11, 2013


Long story short, my main MediaFire account (which means 62GB of data) is suspended. I have an alternate account in which I had saved about 10GB of data, but the other 80% has gone with the wind (Kids, back-up is deadly important!!!).

So for the time I'll cease all sharing activities on my private blog. The old files will (probably) be re-uploaded  soon (or when I see the demand). To protect myself and this blog, the discography page with download links for w-inds. albums will be removed permanently.

Regarding, all readers with blank profile will be remove after a 2-day grace period. If you found this post too late: fill your profile and request access again.

There is also another reason for this, which is both bad news and good news lol. Next time, next time.

See ya soon.


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