Saturday, May 12, 2012

A good good day~

The other day there was a sweet sweet surprise happened.

I met a Chinese fangirl, Alice, on Twitter months ago, and we had chance to share pretty many awesome things together. It was fun and I really thought of her as a big sis. So last month she was sending out postcard for w-inds. worldwide project and asked if I wanted one too. Of course that would be wonderful so I said yes.

And guess what?

On Thursday I woke up with the doorbell and saw postman with a huge envelope. From Kaohsiung, Taiwan. A look at the address and I knew who it was from.

That was so surprising because, I was looking forward to receive a small and cute postcard and it happened to be a full packet!! What on earth could it be?

You would not believe it.

This is what I saw first: a copy of EZ Japan 2012 March issue with cover graced by w-inds. It's big and beautiful, really! (〃∇〃) And I'd never thought I would have it.

The next thing came out is a set of Hello Kitty stamps. I laughed so hard because I've never thought of myself to be anything cute, but at the same time it's so sweet that someone else think of you as lovely as Kitty right? (* ´艸`)

Alice also attached a postcard as promise. Look, you can make a figure model of Kaohsiung Lighthouse from the card - isn't it amazing? I promised myself I wouldn't cut them out tho.... haha XD

What's next? My heart almost stopped when I saw it. That's a copy of RyuTube vol.6 private DVD!!! She promised to send me a rip of it, but I've never dreamed of having a physical copy in my hand (;;____;;) and this is what's so amazing about Alice: she somehow made me an exact copy of the cute drawing of Ryuichi and even the name tag on the DVD looks exactly the same with genuine ones! How on Earth did she do that? I'm so curious I gonna email her to ask, really (゚д゚)

And the last thing I found is a heart-warming letter that makes me feel so happy. If anything I do could help even just one person then that's great enough! Knowing wonderful people with w-inds. might be one of the greatest blessing I've ever had ^______^~♡

Hey Alice, you might never read this post of mine but I really want to say thank you so much!! Your wonderful gift totally made my day and I love them so much. Now I'm thinking hard of what to send you back - please be patient with me! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


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