Friday, May 18, 2012

So many things... LOL

Hi guys :D

It's been a while (yeah, like 6 days since my last post? LOL). I have so many things I want to announce here!

First of all, have anyone taken a look at the w-inds. FCLT 2012 -UNPLUGGED- goodies? Check them out here. They are colourful and pretty! In case you can't read japanese, the goods' names in order are Photo Sets (3 members) / Sticker / Penlight / Poster (Set of 4, A3 size) / Key Chain / Hair Scrunchy (3 colors) / Binoculars / Pouch / Bag (2 colors) / Bag Charm / Face Towel / Mini Cushion / T-shirt (2 colors) / Bath Towel / Headphone (limited quantity).

Want to buy? These guys in Japan from w-inds. worldwide have opened a good order for FCLT - deadline is May 28th so be hurry! :D on a side note, I'm getting the photo sets and maybe cushion haha XD

Secondly, did I forget to tell you all? The w-inds. worldwide International Postcard Project has been extended until JUNE 30TH! Read more about it here. Up until now, more than 100 postcards from every corner in the world have been sent to www (fun fact: one morning a postman came to their flat with a wrong-addressed postcard asking: "You guys are w-inds. worldwide right?" - They are famous! LOL). Are you one of the enthusiastic international fans who wish to show their support to w-inds? Then join with us and send yours today! No limit on how many postcards one can participate so feel free to send as many as you want XD

And please also spend your precious 30 seconds to fill in a fast Location Poll if you haven't yet - it will help us at w-inds. worldwide to organize more fan projects in future which you will be the center of!

I believe many of you no more checked other pages on this blog thanks to the template I'm using doesn't have a tab element, but w-inds. Discography page has been updated with download links for all albums. Say thanks to a random guy I met on Hallyu8, he couldnot find their albums so I just offered to help. All of them are ripped from my own copies by myself in 320 kbps, so treat them well and NO TAKING OUT WITHOUT PERMISSION PLEASE. Thanks ^^

That's all I want to say. Have a good stay in my blog and enjoy!


Yes our kind-hearted Vision Factory has come up to a brilliant sale idea that THEY WILL RELEASE A FC-LIMITED VERSION OF MOVE LIKE THIS. It will have a CD similar to Limited Version and bonus CD of LIVE RECORDING OF UNPLUGGED FCLT, and a set of 3 extra solo member covers. Gdi. What did they think???

Anyway, I'm getting it. The price is 4000 yen and only FC member can make pre-order. Deadline is June 11th. If any of you is interested in getting this version, please email to as soon as possible.


Yvien said...

Eh? I just wandering around and I found you ó.Ò
that so amazing

Usagi Tsukino said...

@Yvien World is small, neh? ;)

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