Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nominate w-inds. to NTV's Best Artist 2012!

Hi guys,

It's been a while!


So what's is Best Artist? This is an annual music show held by NTV, in which featured are the most wanted artists voted by fans. There are usually around 20-25 artists performing each year as far as I could recall.

This year NTV has opened the nomination form in its HP. You can vote for 5 artist maximum.

So how can you nominate w-inds. (and other artists that you like too) if you don't understand Japanese?

Here I will present a step-by-step tutorial. Hope it could help :D

Step 1: Open

Step 2: NONE of these blanks can be left empty, which means voting for less than 5 artists is invalid. So please work out a list of 5 artists you want to be on there. They are numbered from (1) to (5) (number 1 is of course the most wanted and I hope that you put w-inds. here).
※ペンネーム (Alias)
※年代 (Age)
※性別 (Gender): (Male) / (Female)
※アーティスト(1) (Artist 1)    
※アーティスト(2) (Artist 2)    
※アーティスト(3) (Artist 3)    
※アーティスト(4) (Artist 4)    
※アーティスト(5) (Artist 5)    
※ あなたが選んだアーティストの中で一番聴きたい曲は何ですか? A song you'd like to be performed. It doesn't need to be a song of any of the nominees. Please enter a w-inds. song's name if possible :D

Step 3: Once you have finished filling in the form, click 送信.

Step 4: In the confirmation page, click 投稿する. If the website return a message like this "投稿が完了いたしました。" then your nomination was submitted successfully!

I think NTV doesn't use a cookie system to prevent multiple vote from an IP a day (or at least you can vote twice like what I've just done) so vote as many times as you want. It's up to you :)


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