Saturday, September 29, 2012

Precious ♥

Guess what I received last week?


Ashu and Melissa sent me a birthday package!! (;;____;;) and it arrived exactly 1 week after my bday ♥

You could never know what I got inside.

Like a cake:

Or a pack of Dragon Breath (the best BREATH ever, told ya)

And maybe a handful of tiny colourful rabbits with whatever green they found ♥ (and that furin strap does have a note that says 龍 !!!)

Also several namecards because I asked Ashu for them, omg ♥

there were quite a few more Ryuichi thing but my camera ran out of battery XDDD

I know I already said this to you guys but I LOVE BOTH OF YOU SO MUCH. Thanks for all the good things and hope I could continue to be a part of this warm and lovely community!!! Thanks to whoever above that have brought you guys to my life ♥

The second best part of last week was the small meet-up with several w-inds. fans in my city ^^ and also I got my MOVE LIKE THIS tour goods!!! Van, a senior fan fellow of mine has just finished her one-year exchange in Tokyo, Japan and came back with a big bag full of goods other fans asked her to buy XP

We had a nice Sunday afternoon with each other at a lovely coffee shop

by the way, that's our new FC tshirt!! We modified the w-inds. FCLT 2012 logo for the new uniform:

Redrawing the logo was such a hard job, but I totally enjoyed it and was very happy to see the real product!!

w-inds. family 最高!!♥ ♥ ♥


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