Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'm going to Japan. This end of March.

It's kinda sudden... I decided to apply for which is probably the only English-friendly university in Japan, Ritsumeikan APU 2 months ago - sat the IELTS test, 1 week for all necessary papers and essays, sent them on the last day of the last application period then spoke like a chicken in the interview. And 3 weeks later, the result came saying I'm accepted with 80% tuition fee reduction.

We discussed a lot - I and my parents - we are definitely nowhere near rich, just average people who earn enough for a comfortable life and have a little for saving. There was times when it seemed I would not be going anywhere; the fact that I'm currently in 3rd year at a top university in Vietnam is what made things harder. But it's all settled now, and at the moment, I can be quite confident saying that I'm going to Japan for university in 2 months and 10 days.

Damn, there're less than 3 months left.

And tons of things to do.

In this or that way it will affect strongly some of the fandom-related activities that I have been doing, too. First of all, I will be exposed to the risk of being caught for piracy. In the last few years, it's been common for me to upload various kinds of copyrighted material to hosting sites for sharing - it's fun and totally volunteer. And it's safe, as I'm living somewhere outside Japan, where the copyright law is youngly developed and very weak against piracy. But once I become a Japanese resident, things get more complicated. Of course, there are people living in Japan still taking part in piracy, but I can't risk my studying for such a reason. I have already planned to hire a seedbox to protect the BitTorrent activities, but not sure what to do with others yet... Will it be dangerous if I upload a copyrighted material to MediaFire, then it's tracked down? Will they send me to court if I download a cracked software from public sources and they found my IP? I really have no idea. This, of course, includes the YouTube channels that I've been keeping alive.

Hence, I may seize all sharing activities from April afterwards. At least until I think it's safe to start everything again.

I will keep updating this blog with my preparation!

In the mean time, check out the last video project by w-inds.worldwide - WE SING FOR YOU:

Ryuichi expressed that he was deeply touched: "I thought that our music finished its job once it reached people, but the people that listen to our songs walk down new roads with those songs. This is true for people all over the world. We are all one. Thank you for the greatest happiness in the world. Thank you so much for your huge, huge love." (translated by Melissa)

This is our last project and there were unwanted incidents - but it came out as a success at last. Even after Ash and Melissa stop all w-inds.worldwide activities after coming back to the US this summer, I believe people will always remember about it as an amazing effort to shorten the gap between international fans and w-inds. and their company. Thanks for eveything, Ash, Melissa, all w-inds.worldwide staff and on top of that, let me show my gratitude to w-inds. - thanks to you and your music that I've met amazing people and make good friends who I will treasure forever.

Thank you.


MelaiChan said...

Hello!~ It's been a while since I open my blog and saw this entry of yours... It's really nice that you're going to Japan to study, wow!~ It was rare opportunity and for me I've been dreaming of going there too! Anyway, I'm also agree with you to seize all of your sharing activities just for your safety. Oh, well maybe it's not bad to post some pictures when you get to Japan right? I'll wait for some of your updates *grins* Take Care! ♥

Usagi Tsukino said...

@MelaiChan Thank you <3 after a few researchs it seems to not be that dangerous to be involved in piracy while in Japan - that's why I will keep sharing w-inds. media in my other blog ^^~

And it might not be immediate after my arrival but I will update this blg about my new life in Japan for sure! ^^

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