Monday, February 25, 2013

Lunar New Year


It's been a while... (technically I say that at every beginning)

Anyway, it was the Lunar New Year in early February. In Vietnam this is the longest public holiday in a year (summer holiday is only for students and teachers) and this year everyone had a 9-day vacation. Of course this doesn't mean anything for me as I'm currently jobless and school-less as well, haha.

I went for a 7-day Singapore and Malaysia trip and just came back last Friday :D this is my first time backpacking, and also my first time travelling overseas alone. I have to say my trip was doomed... the plan was somehow messed up, weather was not very supportive, unexpected event happened and there are many things I regret doing or not doing... but that's what exciting about alone backpacking, I guess. Of course there were good things, too, especially to meet Huiping in Singapore!

Have to write about the trip soon beforemy memory fades (and you know how bad it's already is) but not today. I'm lazy.............

Say hello from Merlion park, Singapore :D

Next time!

meanwhile, you all can enjoy the latest Slide 'n' Step performance in Happy Music...


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