Thursday, March 14, 2013

A dime and 2 cents

(sorry for stealing the title from either Eri or Genie xD)

BAM. It's 3/14!
White Day!
and w-inds. Day!

These three guys, who formed a group in Tokyo 13 years ago, have spent more than a decade together, sharing both laughs and tears, and have earned respect from so many people. I truly don't see any reason for them not to be proud about what they have archieved.
KEITA. Go for your dream. Shut off the haters by showing them your best work. We are always here for you if you ever need support, you know it ‎(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

Ryohei. It's always in your head, right? Dance is like air for Chiba-san. I'm so happy you can always do what you love, and enjoy your life the way you want. I wish you success with the dance showcase ( ´ ω` )ノ

Ryuichi. My dear. To see a photo of you randomly shared by your friends or to know about how you are doing once in a while is enough to make me feel happy. Our lives are like two parallel lines which never cross each other - and I'm content just with knowing you are living your life okay. Wait for me in Osaka? I will fulfill the promise with myself, and with you, this time. Wait for me.

w-inds., I'm waiting for your mega comeback ( ̄▽+ ̄*)
wish you all the love, happiness, joy and mercy in this world ♡

As usual some fans in Hanoi are gathering tonight. It's a weekday and there will be only a few because others have work or classes, but we will surely enjoy it!

I was asked to design a 12th anniversary logo for the cake, and here is what I made:

unfortunately we couldn't order a special cake with this icon, but even though it can't be used for the original purpose it looks so pretty as my icon haha ♡


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