Saturday, June 1, 2013

Magic feat. AKLO

KEITA performed Magic the first time at Beat Connection 4 months ago, and finally he decided to make it the lead song for his new album!

The PV came out last Friday, as full on PonyCanyon channel (I hope KEITA doesn't find me watching his PV in Fukuoka airport restroom offensive) and it's such a jam. Magnificent setting (apparently they hired a castle to film Magic), top-notch choreography and spot-on concept (who can say No to a vampire-KEITA?).

Are you ready to be lured in his enchanted trap?

The vampire concept is carried out quite well, and I have to say I was surprised by his acting. Obviously there's still a lot of space to improve (for example, try smirking in front of bathroom mirror every morning? XD - his smirk is oh-so-cute and very KEITA-like I love it ❤) but he did a really good job in this one compared to his old works both as a solo artist and a member of w-inds.

With that said, I'm really looking forward to "Side by Side"! I went to KEITA Exlusive event last week and was able to listening to several songs in the album, and all I could say is that I have never heard something like that in Japan. You can read my comment on each song here (SPOILER ALERT!! -and criticism alert, if you know me- Not recommended to read before listening to this album).

"Side by Side" is released on 6/5.
Pre-order now: Amazon JP | CDjapan | YesAsia


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