Monday, June 3, 2013

An Osaka dream (part 1)

I don't where to start, lol.

Last week I came to Osaka from Friday to Sunday and made it to meet Ash and Melissa, also to see Ryuichi's band "All City Stepper" live and KEITA Exclusive Event. Too much awesomesauce to fit in 2 days.


Trvelling from Beppu to Osaka is not a short trip. The only direct way is by ferry - about 10 hour on the sea, and I need to take one more class off the day before to catch the ferry at 6PM. So I chose airway. Going from Beppu to Fukuoka Airport takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes, then waiting and the flight from Fukuoka to Osaka - I arrived at KIX at 4PM, rushed to the express train and finally, Namba station where I was supposed to meet Ash and Melissa. I had been looking forward to this meeting for years, and it happened just like how I imagined it to be, with laughs and big hugs (๑‘ᴗ‘๑)♡ w-inds.worldwide union!!

ticket from KIX to Namba

When we came to Umeda AKASO, the venue, there was not many fans waiting. We decided to have a quick meal at a nearby restaurant, and when we came back they were going to open the door. Needed a place to keep all the goodies safe and sound, and thanks to the stupid locker and my clumsiness I had to spend threefold the amount for 1 locker OTL


umeda AKASO

umeda AKASO is located next to a small and shady (lol) road. There is only small entrance for goods counter and fans. I don't even know how all of us fit in XD;

Finally queued to wait until our turn. Unfortunately, I couldn't go in together with Ash and Melissa. Our numbers were quite far from each other. They gave me the precious front-stage ticket and I'm so thankful about that.

my number is 181/600

I have a companion though, Tri, Melissa's friend and also a Ryuichi's fan. Thanks to her that I safely got inside and we found a very good spot right in front of the stage!

this lady ↑↑↑ also spotted her at KT event the next day XD

This is a tiny venue. Like, really really tiny. I guess the capacity is only 400 or less (their website says 700, but how? XD). When I took this picture, they were supposed to start in 25 minutes.

-To be continued-


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