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w-inds. songs: Covers and Originals

This is a rescue post from the original ( I made on w-inds.worldwide BBS a long time ago. When the next pay date come the website and its BBS will be discarded because Ash and Melissa can no longer fund and administrate from the US. I think it's a better idea to save the work here so it can be reviewed in the future.

Last edit: 2014/01/09

I kinda digged out an old post on w-inds. worldwide Facebook group and decided to make a list here, just in case some of us are want to check back later.

Here I will list songs w-inds. covered [A], w-inds. songs being covered [B], demos [C] and works of other artists which share the music/beat [D] in time order. However, I couldn't search for information of Cantonese/Mandarin songs, so if anyone could help it's really appreciated.

Most of information are found on FTF and Japanese wiki. And Google.

Edit 1: Thanks a bunch for ZhiJun's big help!!

Edit 2: I do not guarantee any information in this post is 100% correct. All of us can listen and confirm the music, but most of the relations between songs here are based on personal judgement (from release date, interview etc. or purely guess).



SUPER LOVER ~I need you tonight~ (8th single):
[B/??] SUPER LOVER ~I need you tonight~ >>> 'Super Lover' by DJ Spavento [English]

Love is message (9th single):
[A] Night Flight ~夜間飛行~ >>> 'L'Amour A La Place' by Whatfor [French]

w-inds. ~PRIME OF LIFE~ (3rd album):
[A/D] GAME >>> 'Design for love' by Jay-R [English]
[B/D/??] so what? >>> 'Baby so what' by Diana Salvatore [English]


Pieces (11th single):
[A] Pieces >>> 'Pieces' by Retro G-Style [Japanese, also sung in Chinese]
[B] Pieces >>> 記憶拼圖 (Memory Pieces) by Jerry Yan [Mandarin]

キレイだ (12th single):
[B] キレイだ >>> 'キレイだ' by Sukima Switch [Japanese]

四季 (13th single)
[A] 永遠の途中 >>> 'At Christmas Most Of All' by Charlotte Perrelli [English]
[D] 永遠の途中 >>> 'Sad wedding song' by The Trax [Korean]


夢の場所へ (14th single):
[A] Perfect Day >>> 'Perfect Day' by Clay Aiken [English]

十六夜の月 (16th single):
[??] ジレンマ (Dilemma) >>> 'Take It Back' by Mercury4 [English]

約束のカケラ (17th single):
[A] Pearl Dance >>> 'Come 'n Dance' by Miguel Ángel Muñoz [Spanish]

ageha (4th album):
[B] Lil' Crazy >>> 'More than a good thing for' by Joey Yung [Cantonese]
[A/??] Party Down >>> 'Freak Out' by Bro'sis [English]
[A] Song 4 U - 'Back On My Feet (Nicci's Remix)' by Jennifer [English, released in Japan]
[A] Color me >>> 'Cinderella' by Britney Spears [English]


IT'S IN THE STARS (18th single):
[A] IT'S IN THE STARS >>> 'It's in the stars' by Lagaylia Fraser [English]

TRIAL (19th single):
[A] 風詩 ~KAZAUTA~ >>> 'All Or Nothing' by O-Town [English]

ブギウギ66 (20th Single):
[B/??] If... >>> 'Lonely Sonata' by Eason Chan [Mandarin]

THANKS (5th album):
[A] Midnight Venus >>> Northern Line - All Around The World [English]


ハナムケ (21st single):
[V] ハナムケ >>> 'We Only Got Tonight' by RARE [English]
[O] Want Ya >>> 'Want Ya' by Darin [English]

[O] LOVE IS THE GREATEST THING >>> 'Guilty' by De Souza feat.Shena [English]
[D] SHINING STAR >>> 'BRINGING IT BACK' by Alex Cartana [English]

Beautiful Life (23rd single):
[D] I'm a Man >> 'ROUNDABOUT' by Phrased Differently [English]
[??] Space Drifter >> 'Trying to Find My Way' - Unknown Artist [English]

Journey (6th album):
[D] THIS IS OUR SHOW >>> 'ALL FO SHOW' by Danny Lattouf (DL) [English]
[O] Top Secret >>> 'If You Wanna' by Darin [English]
[D] Is that you >>> 'Hey!(ACOUSTIC)' by Phrased Differently [English]
[O] Crazy for You >>> 'The Anthem' by Darin [English]
[D] Devil - 'This Is Dedicated' By Claude Kelly [English]
[C] Milky Way >>> 'Before the show' by 吳浩康 (Deep Ng) [Cantonese]


アメあと (24th single):
[D] leave me alone >>> 'Leave It Alone' by Danny Lattouf [English]

Everyday/CAN'T GET BACK (25th single):
[D] Yes or No >>> 'Schizophrenic' by Tinderbox Songs [English]

w-inds. Single Collection ''BEST ELEVEN'':
[D] Past Tense >>> 'Past Tense' by Phrased Differently [English]


New World/Truth~最後の真実~ (27th single):
[D] Truth~最後の真実~ >>> 'The Truth' by Ne-yo [English]


Another World (8th album):
[A] Don't Remind Me >>> 'Wanna Be Yours' by Lil Eddie [English]


You & I (30th single):
[A/C] You & I >>> 'YOU & I' by KNUX a.k.a Mr.Austin [Japanese]
[D] I vs. I >>> 'All Over Again' by Big Time Rush [English]


MOVE LIKE THIS (9th album):
[D] SAY YES >>> Shameless by Luca Hänni [English]


NOTE: Phrased Differently is a companny who produces demos and sells them to artists/record company.


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