Saturday, August 31, 2013

Recently listened music review


I wondered if anyone read my blog anymore, but after checking and see that there are still people reading my boring posts, I'm really grateful for that. Sorry I have always been slacking off and never finish my travel posts OTL.

So today's post is just about some new albums/singles I'm listening to. I don't have enough time and words to do a full review like UVERworld's "The One", but I'll include a brief description and my overall rating.

1. BONNIE PINK - Even So: 4/5

BONNIE PINK's 7th studio album released in 2004. It has always been my favorite album of her. Recommended track: Private Laughter, Ocean, 5 more minutes, Mint, Last Kiss - seriously, all 12 tracks are really good.

2. ALL CITY STEPPERS - Precious Girl: 3/5

The band's debut single, released on 21st of this month. I bought all 3 versions to support them and Ryuichi. My impression about ALL CITY STEPPERS is that they are a good band with great chemistry between members and amazing stage presence, and their music is the relaxing type that makes you feel at ease while listening. To be very honest Precious Girl is not their best song; I know they have much better ones which I listened at their live, but there must be a reason that they picked this song for debut single. This band is really promising and I can't wait to see their 2nd tour next month.

3. Jin Akanishi - HEY WHAT'S UP?: 2-2.5/5

Well, the comeback of Arama king. I was reluctant at the rating - I would say 2/5 but maybe others will appreciate this single more than me. There's nothing special about this one: his songs sounds the same as all others of his, he sounds the same. While the songs are rather catchy and easy-listening, they are forgetable. And for some reasons I'm just kinda fed up with Jin's vocal until the point it annoys me a bit. Overall, not a bad single but not noticable either.

(note: the PV is quite entertaining, though. I enjoyed it very much XD)

4. UVERworld - Fight For Liberty/Wizard CLUB: 3.5/5

UVERworld's latest single. Err.... I love the band but this single is kinda meh for me. Two A-side songs, "Fight For Liberty" and "Wizard CLUB" sounds kinda similar to a lot of other UVERworld songs. Though that means they are still really nice - very well done and pleasing to listen to. But I don't remember much about them after a few listens. In fact, it's the only B-side, "a LOVELY TONE" that catches my attention. This song is really lovely and different - it has something that stuck in my head after listening.

5. TLC - TLC 20: 20th Anniversary Hits: 4/5

First, let me make it clear: before this album I had no idea who is TLC. Yes, be astonished, but the fact they used to be mega famous in the US doesn't necessarily mean that they are known in my country. So I just happened to listen to the 20th anniversary version of "Waterfalls" with Namie Amuro and then the whole album. I love the songs - and still digging the 6 songs chosen for this anniversary collection. The rest 6 tracks, which are live versions, however, seem to be trying to prove that TLC can't sing live at all. I don't know when they were recorded because there's no information about that but in some tracks, the girls sounds horrible. Like they can't sing at the right tone and their voices crack. Pretty much a turn-off for me, but nonetheless I really like the rest of this album.

(Sorry I can't help but questioning here: what the hell is this poorly animated cover which looks like a work of a total amateur?)

6. Ketsumeishi - Sakura: 4/5

The hip-hop group's 11th single, "Sakura" was a big hit when it was released in 2005. I only listened to it first time last week, though, via a random CM on YouTube (let's admit that once in while those annoying ads can be quite enjoyable). Their style reminds me of HOME MADE Kazoku. I don't mean to compare them to each other or saying Ketsumeishi is copying anyway - I just knew HMK before this group.

7. Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines: 4/5

This is the one interesting. I have abandoned US music scene for a long time I don't really catch up with what's happening anymore, so of course I didn't heard about this song or this album when it came out and became a big hit half a year ago. Overall this album is catchy and enjoyable; it has a 80s feeling that I like very much. My favorite track is definitely "Ooo La La". I actually mistook him for JT here.

8. Laura Mvula - Sing To The Moon: 5/5

This album is one in a few gems in R&B/Soul that they have at the top of UK chart these years. I love her voice, the way she breaths a life into each song and stirs up the hidden emotions in the ultimate corner in our hearts. Check it out if you haven't - you will never regret doing so.

9. SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS - Circle: 5/5

Finally, this one. SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS latest album. A great jazz album of 2013, and I highly recommend this for anyone interested in Japanese jazzy music. All tracks are great and deserves full points.
My favorites are "Summer Love" feat. Jose James, "Koroshiya Kiki Ippatsu" feat. Shiina Ringo, "Iceburn" feat. DJ KENTARO and "Frog in the World!" feat. Nanao Tabito (I keep hearing "Frog in the well"! lol). "Hey Tagger, I’m Here" is also a nice one, but I think BONNIE PINK's voice is not ideal for it.

That's it for today! My music taste is a combination of everything so I hope you all can find something you like in this list ;)

Have a nice day!


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