Sunday, May 18, 2014

[Scan] w-inds. Live Tour "AWAKE" photo sets

I'm obsessed with photos - photo sets, photobooks, I try not to miss any if possible. So I bought these photo sets in Fukuoka last year, on the day of Keita's birthday. It was such a memorable concert and KeiRyu were so adorable, pfffft.

Let's get straight to the point: I finally scanned them last week. Yay. Because I could not find any scan on the internet (maybe some Chinese fans already did, blessed them for not using English), and I just love to archive. Anything.

That is the good news. Here is the bad news: I used the shared scanner at my school's library, and unfortunately, it was abused by stupid student who obviously don't know anything about scanners. Its glass got a lot of scratches, which are visible in the black-themed photos. Plus I picked a very rare day when my hands sweated a lot, and so... fingerprint. Lol.

Therefore expect poorly scanned and edited photos following. I did add a super tiny, almost invisible watermark at the corner, please leave it there if you share my scan. That's all I ask for.

(click to open in full size. Photos are resized for reasons, comment if you want larger file)


 photo scan015h.jpg  photo scan015i.jpg  photo scan016a.jpg  photo scan016b.jpg  photo scan016c.jpg


 photo scan014g.jpg  photo scan014h.jpg  photo scan014i.jpg  photo scan015a.jpg  photo scan015b.jpg

Ryuichi: (the scratches and stains are visible here - I just happened to place Ryuichi's set in the area which is the most damaged :< )

 photo scan015c.jpg  photo scan015d.jpg  photo scan015e.jpg  photo scan015f.jpg  photo scan015g.jpg

Credit. Usagi


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Hello, thanks so much for these! :)

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Thank you, darling.

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