Sunday, May 18, 2014

夢で逢えるのに 〜Sometimes I Cry〜

This is w-inds. new single coming out next month (June 11th).

A Japanese cover of Eric Benet's "Sometimes I Cry", which Keita performed in his tour and w-inds. Live tour and other shows (he's obsessed with it, see?). So this single turned out to be a slow ballad where Keita shows off the new improvement in his falsetto. Unfortunately I know nothing about vocal range and the like, and therefore is not qualified to make any comment on how better he is now. Nor can I say if I really like it or not. Personally I found w-inds and Keita seems to value his inhuman high pitch a little bit too much, while his ability to deliver the folded emotions is what I love.

Another reason is, that this song is dominated by Keita. And here I thought we have bid good bye with the old format of a lead vocal accompanied by two back dancers. Fans have witnessed how better RyoRyu grew along the years and now we want more of their voices. It is not a wrong thing, right? But all we have in this song is Keita's voice and bits of very sentimental dance by RyoRyu - which I can die for a full angle, why don't PC do it. It's understanding that I am a little bit disappointed. This song can make a very nice release by KEITA the soloist, but for w-inds. it seems to be a bit out of place.

Still. I listened to KEITA's cover of "Sometimes I Cry" before actually knew the original, and I remember thinking "Wow. Keita did much better than this". It's a fact. The difference is so clear that I even felt bad for Eric Benet. Even though, sadly it is not the type of song that I can listen to everyday or on loop. His voice literally penetrates through the ears, haha!

So check it out here:

Eric and w-inds. - aren't this adorable?


Nash Nordin said...

I always love it when Keita sang ballad. But, I'm also disappointed that I didn't get to see/hear more of RyuRyo voice.

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