Monday, October 31, 2011

Because I have much free time......

..... so I decided to create w-inds. theme for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. XD

Haha, don't expect much in me, thou!

First, I have to say I love Firefox. All I have to prepare for a FF persona are 1 header and 1 footer, upload, then wait for approval. FIREFOX IS THE LOVE ♥

While Chrome is such a gay. Beside having to deal with some code stuffs (which I've never been excellent in), I'm supposed to create something that works on all different types of computer screen (resolution) WITHOUT an auto-resize function, lmao. (or I'm so stupid that I don't know how to make it auto-resized :P)
And what sucks the most about Chrome theme is that we have to pay $5 to submit our themes to Chrome gallery. WTF? Therefore, don't expect to see my theme there; you can download it from the links provided below.

Anyway, this is nowhere near the most challenging thing I've ever done, so here is the result :

I tested them on my own browser (my screen resolution is 1366x768px). w-inds. FF persona is made to fit browser which is max. 2500px in width, while it's only 1366px or less for Chrome theme. Drop a comment if your screen resolution is larger than 1366px in width and I'll make a bigger one for you :)

w-inds. Persona for Mozilla Firefox: (click screencap for the link to detailed page)

w-inds. theme for Google Chrome:


How to install theme on Chrome: after downloading theme file (.crx), open it with Chrome. There will be a warning message appear in the download bar, click "Continue". Done~!

Have fun! And feel free to drop a comment about what you think I should do to make the theme looks better - this is my 1st time doing theme for web browser so I'm worried! XD

See you guys later~


Anonymous said...

Thank you for so beautiful w-inds. Google Chrome's theme! They are so cool! XD

Shiroryochan (W-inds's Thai Fan)

Carla Matos said...

Thankx!! :)

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