Sunday, October 16, 2011

w-inds. Best Live Tour 2011 in Hong Kong

I'm sorry, I haven't completed my post about w-inds. in Vietnam yet ;______;
See you in another day....

So, they left Vietname for Japan on Monday and continued to fly to Hong Kong on Friday. Really busy neh =A=
Here's some pic of w-inds. in Hong Kong (obviously not taken by me XD) - credit may vary, but most of them come from Sina weibo and :)

At the airport:

Their stylist did an excellent job with Ryuichi's and Ryohei's outfits. Look at the gorgeous men! :"O
Many fans came there.
...and it seems like a small accident happened. I'm  glad no one is injured thou =S

Press conference:
 I saw the stache......... my darkest nightmare. PLEASE GIVE HIM A GAZOR щ(゚Д゚щ)

w-inds. on HK newspapers:

The stage setting:

Hope that Hai was having fun there and enjoy the live! ^^


Miko Sakamoto said...

this is amazing! thanks, usagi!!

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