Sunday, October 16, 2011

[DL] w-inds. - You & I PV [VOB]

After the post of this PV was up, I received a request from nidokido to share the VOB file. Because creating and uploading VOB is not such a big deal, here you are with a VOB file of this sweet and summery PV for downloading :)

As always, feel free to share the file but DON'T FORGET TO CREDIT PROPERLY.


Removed link. Read more here.

Ripped and uploaded by UsagiTsukino@blogspot.

These files are uploaded for sharing without making any profit and I do not claim to be the owner of them. Hotlink and uploading to streamsites is strictly prohibited. If you want to share on other websites, please upload to your own server and DO NOT FORGET TO credit or link back to this blog.


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