Sunday, May 6, 2012

[DL] DAICHI MIURA Live Tour 2010 GRAVITY mp3 rip

recently I blog pretty often neh? LOL.
Just want to update a bit that I'm uploading Daichi's latest single, "Two Hearts", including the DVD contents. It may take a while to finish, and won't be uploaded before 5/9 for sure. So feel free to try Google if anyone does it before me if you can't wait, okay? XD

But I understand that waiting is a boring task. So here is some nice treat for any Daichi's fan. ❤(◕‿-)❤

No, this is not the DVD. It's a mp3 rip. Thing that you can download and put it into your mp3 player/iPod/cell phone etc and listen to while your eyes are doing other works.

I'm sorry that the quality is only 192kbps (I always do 320 rip for w-inds. lives - don't even remember why I did 192 for Gravity OTL), but it's still really good IMO (obviously I'm lazy to rip it again, lmao). My favorite track is Spot Light, Inside Your Heart, Possibility, Do Not Disturb and Touch Me!! o(^▽^)o

Of course you can rip the live yourself if you don't like mine! XD Some basic video converter will do that for you easily (@ ̄ρ ̄@)


DAICHI MIURA Live Tour 2010 GRAVITY mp3 rip

Quality: 192kbps
Source: DVD
Total file size: 124MB (125MB after extracting)
  01 Spotlight
  02 Inside Your Head
  03 Flag
  04 Crazy (bonus: 04 Intro Bridge + Crazy)
  05 Baby Be Mine
  06 Delete My Memories
  07 Your Love  08 One Step Closer
  09 銀の涙
  10 Make It Happen
  11 Open Your Heart
  12 Who's The Man
  13 Possibility duet with BoA
  14 Drama
  15 Do Not Disturb
  16 Touch Me
  17 No Limit
  18 Hypnotized
  EN2 The Answer
  EN3 Lullaby

***Note: about the bonus track 04: there was a short instrumental bridge before Crazy which is aprox. 40 seconds long. I really like it so decided to make an extra track so that people can choose which they prefer ^^)

please support Daichi by purchasing this DVD: CDjapan / YesAsia / HMV / AmazonJP

Download: removed

Ripped and uploaded by ME. Please credit to UsagiTsukino@blogger.


MelaiChan said...

Hi~ Thank you so much for sharing! me and my sister love Daichi Miura so much ♥ actually it was hard to find this kind of things on the net right now and its good to know that some people are very kind to share this~^^ (don't worry I'm not going to share the links)

and yes! I'm also going to buy daichi's album someday if I got more money *grins*

Kitty said...

Ahhh <3 Thank you so much for putting this up ^^ Daichi is literally one of my all time favorite singers and it's gonna be nice to now be able to just listen to the live performances instead of watching the videos and having my iPod run out of battery too quickly :P

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