Saturday, December 8, 2012

New found: Big B Radio

Several days ago Livia introduced me to an online Asian music radio service named Big B Radio - they have a JPOP channel which can be accessed on iTunes (Radio > International/World > Big B Radio - JPOP), or from their website at

You can, of course, request for your favorite Japanese songs :D just tweet @bigBradio with the song name; they are fast with response ^^ so far it seems they have w-inds.' MOVE LIKE THIS album with several (worldwide) popular singles like Addicted to love. Please submit request for w-inds., so the DJ will stock more songs of them! XD

So far I have discovered some new music with it... mostly the comtemporary R&B that always succeeds to get my attention. Check out my new jam below:

ARIA is a great R&B singer, I'm in love with her (probably debut?) album "ARIA", and still listening to more albums from her right now.

There is also this song from from Thelma Aoyama, GOOD TIME. I have respect for her voice and personality, but have never really checked out her music (except an only single in my iTunes, "Summer Love!"). But this makes me download her 1st album, "DIARY" and found out more good music in it:

I really, really love the R&B sound. It just never fails to make me fall in love. Do you know what is the best R&B album of the year?

Hand down for AISHA - I, Shout!!!

(isn't she cute?? <3 and "I Wanna Rock You" live!!!)

You won't believe how I found this amazing girl... I kinda creepily stalked Ryuichi's rumoured gf's blog, Shaula (she's admirable, really!), and under a post about her fan meeting DJ event, a follower posted the Youtube link to his fancam of the event. I watched it and was attracted by the guest performer, a female singer and her songs... so I asked that uploader and got her name - AISHA. :D

So, any R&B lover lurking around here? XD


jellie said...

Stumbled upon your blog by accident and love it! If you love Aisha's voice, you might want to try listening to Miho Fukuhara. I'm not sure if she's R&B, but her music is pretty great!

Usagi Tsukino said...

@jellie glad to know that you like the craps I have written here XD;
Yes I know Miho, she's a singer representing Japanese R&B music and I have some albums of her... though I've never really gotten into her music. I enjoy her collabs with other artists more, tbh ^^

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