Saturday, December 1, 2012

UVERworld's THE ONE Review

Note 1: This is my first time doing review for an album/single... so don't judge hard.

Note 2: My knowledge about music is very limited. Bear with it.

Note 3: This is a review mainly based on the melody. I haven't got time to look up for all lyrics and their meanings.

Title: THE ONE
Artist: UVERworld
Release date: 2012.11.28
Number of tracks: 13

+ Great songs: 7th Trigger, Don't Think.Feel, 23ワード, THE OVER, REVERSI, バーベル〜皇帝の新しい服 album ver.〜, AWAYOKUBA-斬る (LIVE intro ver.)
+ So-so/bad songs: none.

1. THE ONE (SE): 2.5/5. I found the female voice quite annoying for some reasons, though it's such a good voice. Idk... The ending smoothly moves into 7th Trigger.

2. 7th Trigger: 4.5/5. Great song. Vocal, instrumental, everything is just perfect.

3. Don't Think. Feel: 5/5. This song leaves a strong impression thanks to the opening, I love it. It's a song that makes your body move. I want to listen to it at live! (Should be 4 or 4.5/5 but I blindly love it XD)

4. LIMITLESS: 3.5/5. Nice supportive song. It's the usual style of UVERworld, I've listened to LIMITLESS many times as it's between 2 of my favorite tracks, but it didn't leave any special feeling. I like the chorus, quite catchy :)

5. 23ワード (23 Word): 4.5/5. The slow rap part at opening get me hooked in immediately; Takuya's voice is steady and warm. This song will survive in my favorite playlist for a long time. It's not really exceptional compared to other tracks, though, that's why I don't rate it 5/5. Oh, and the ending <333

6. KINJITO (LIVE intro ver.): 3.5/5. Umm.... Usual style of UVERworld, a song that any fan of them will like I'm sure. The guitar and drum is truly great, I'd love to listen to an instrumental version of KINJITO.

7. THE OVER: 5/5 - no, 10/5. Do I need to review about this song? It's beyond words. Sad and beautiful melody, painful and struggling lyrics. The opening with only Takuya's wonderful voice and the guitar touches deep inside me. This is also the only song in this album that I've checked lyrics; I bet others have great lyrics as well.

8. 此処から (Kokokara): 3/5. The song opens quite weird, with the whistle sound which is used later in verse 2 as well. I'm still not used to it yet. From 2:20 to 2:45 is an instrumental bridge, which adds a nice feeling to the song. Over all I like it, just like any other track in this album XD.

9. REVERSI: 4/5. This is theme song of the new Ao no Exorcist movie (right??). I want to talk more about REVERSI but haven't found the right words yet...  anyway, another great track. I gotta say Ao no Exorcist is one of a few anime out there with the best OST.

10. バーベル~皇帝の新しい服 album ver.~ (Barbell ~Koutei no Atarashii fuku album ver.~): 4/5. There we meet Barbell again. It's quite rare for a B-side track from single to be in an album I think (from some artists I know, not sure about UVERworld's pattern). I loved this song from 7th Trigger single, and in this album ver. there're some differences, like the drum added to the beginning. Over all it brings out the screaming better compared to single version, which is very smart IMO. I'm listening to it and headbanging right now (lol).

11. BABY BORN & GO: 4.5/5. I need to check out the lyrics soon... curious about the meaning of this song, though I can kinda figure it out from a few English bits. Erm, usual style again? lol. Considered adding BB&G to Great songs, but having 9/13 tracks there is completely biased.

12. AWAYOKUBA-斬る (LIVE intro ver.): 5/5, no, let me give it 6/5. From 0:00 to 3:02 is a totally instrumental intro - piano, violin and cello? A mind-blowing piece of art. The intro somehow reminds me of Ryuichi Sakamoto's 1996 live. This song, another B-side from 7th Trigger, shares the same feeling. The instrumental bridge in the middle, as always, is my favorite part.

13. NOWHERE boy: 4/5. A quite cute piece IMO. It's a slow story about a "nowhere" boy in a sleepless city. As usual, I paid attention to minor details like how Takuya stretches his voice and makes it sound so lonely yet not hopeless, or about 10 seconds of acoustic guitar at the end. Very nicely done.

Over all: 4.5/5 - I will avoid comparing it to Life 6 SENSE because both are my favorite, but I can tell they are keeping the pace from previous album (ot even do it better). So far all people I know told me they love all the tracks. THE ONE is a great album that you'll want to get your hand on (`・ω・´)ゞ♪

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